Roman Defeats Doheny to Become Unified Champion

Daniel Roman Becomes a Unified Champion

Daniel Roman defeats TJ Doheny to become unified champion
Daniel Roman defeats TJ Doheny to become unified champion

Daniel Roman defeats TJ Doheny in a terrific battle by majority decision!

In a fight full of ebbs and flows, Daniel Roman defeated TJ Doheny by majority decision (113-113, 116-110 twice) to become the unified WBA/IBF Super Bantamweight champion tonight in Inglewood, California.

Doheny claimed round one by boxing. However, he went down courtesy of a counter left hook from Roman with :46 to go in round two.

Roman, the reigning WBA champion again stunned Doheny with a right-hand in the fourth. The Irishman also began to bleed and develop swelling over his right eye. The IBF champion responded, showing mettle in fighting back. He also began to land left hand power shots in what was a terrific round.

In round seven, the IBF champion struck as he hurt Roman with a succession of left-hands to the head. Roman tried to fight back, but was on shaky legs. The underdog hit Roman with everything in the book and if not for getting a bit fatigued at the end of the round, the Irishman may have ended matters here.

After being out-boxed in the eighth round, Roman hurt Doheny with a left uppercut with :54 seconds to go in the ninth. Now bleeding freely from the nose as well, Doheny gritted his teeth and fought right back. However, Roman hurt Doheny with a left hook to the body towards the end of round nine.

The Championship Rounds

Midway through round 10, Doheny was again shook from a shot to the body. Sensing he was in pain, the Inglewood product continued to focus on the midsection of the road-dog, who walked slowly back to his corner at the end of the round. He was clearly feeling the pace of the bout and the effect of the body assault.

The withering body attack finally took its toll on Doheny,, as he was put down for a second time in the bout in round eleven. Showing all the heart in the world, Doheny got up and to continue fighting. At the end of the fight, the crowd cheered at what they witnessed as both fighter hugged in mutual respect.

This was a clear candidate for Fight of the Year. Afterwards, Roman called for a match-up with WBC Super Bantamweight Rey Vargas. Doheny, for his part, said he would like a rematch.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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