Romero On Tank Fight: “I Literally Won! I Learned And I’m A PPV Star!”

Rolly Not Feeling the Loss to Tank Davis on his Record

Rolando Romero speaks to the press
Rolando Romero | Credit: Matthew Heasley/Amanda Westcott

Rolando Romero Feels he Walked Away the True Winner in Tank Davis Fight

When it comes to lightweight fighter Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-1, 12 KO’s), there is no denying that he is a hot topic in the division. For the past few years, the Las Vegas native has garnered rapidly increasing attention and fan interest. This is primarily due to his memorable social media posts as well as his profane but frequently funny interviews.

Up to this point though, the one major drawback was the stigma of not being a skillful fighter. His awkward style and mediocre competition did not help. Then there was his summer of 2020 dustup with Jackson Marinez, which most observers walked away from believing that he lost. This is why his unanimous decision win in that contest only served to underscore the belief that Rolly was all hype and bluster with no real substance to speak of.

This is precisely why it was near universally believed that his last opponent, Regular WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (27-0, 25 KO’s), was going to walk right through him. True enough,Tank did knockout Romero in the sixth round. Before he did however, Romero vastly enhanced his credibility by controlling the pace and real estate for the larger majority of the battle. So much so that Rolly, who is ranked #5 (WBA), is now saying that he won the match in a recent social media live session. Funny thing is, he has somewhat of a point!


“I literally won, so I don’t give two fucks! Y’all are not looking at it from my perspective, I won bro! I’m the most marketable muh’fucka in the damn fucking sport, by far! The best shit talker by far, in the fucking sport. I was beating the fuck out of him when I got caught with a good shot, that’s boxing. And it was due to one little simple mistake I made where I know where I made the mistake and I’ll never do it again. So I fucking won, I learned! I’m a fucking pay-per-view star!”

While no one is saying that he is the most marketable fighter in the sport, he has been in his first pay-per-view. Again, while no one is saying that Tank wasn’t the hands down A-side, the antics and hijinks that Rolly brought to the table no doubt drummed up its own interest in that successful event. And, as mentioned previously, Rolly performed well beyond expectations.

In fact, there would probably be healthy interest in a rematch. Was it a fluke? Could Tank beat him faster? If Rolly buttoned up the defense, could he win a points win? These are all realistic questions and equally plausible outcomes. No matter how you feel about Rolly, or his match with Davis, even in defeat the brash young fighter has established himself as a major player in the division. So, it shall be interesting to see what he has up his sleeve next.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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