Andy Ruiz: “Dillian Whyte, I Would Like To Shut Him Up”

Andy Ruiz Jr: Whyte I would like to shut him up!

Andy Ruiz (left), Dillian Whyte
Andy Ruiz (left), Dillian Whyte

Andy Ruiz Jr: Whyte I would like to shut him up!

Boxing rivalries never die until the fighters square off in the ring. Honestly, the public back and forth is just an appetizer before the main meal. Furthermore, fans often enjoy the back and forth, even if it does get personal sometimes.
That’s the case when it comes to former unified heavyweight champion Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz Jr. (33-2, 22ko) and WBC mandatory Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte (27-1, 18ko).


To make it clear, there is no love, honor or respect at all for the former unified champion from The Body Snatcher. The reason stems from a public dispute about how much promoter Eddie Hearn offered him to take a fight against Whyte.

Once things seemed to have cooled down, the British heavyweight made fun of the first Mexican heavyweight champion having issues with diabetes during a podcast with Hearn.

Then, of course, the former champion clapped back on Instagram, telling the WBC mandatory challenger “Keep that same energy when I see you”.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the former unified champion still shows interest in wanting to throw them hands with Whyte.

During a live feed interview with EsNews, the former champion talked about three fights he would like.

“I would like to fight Dillian Whyte I would like to shut him up. I would like the third fight with me and Joshua, and either between Wilder or Tyson Fury.”

He followed up by expressing how good the fight would be and how being healthy is the key to victory.

“That would be an amazing fight here in the United States or over there. I know I can win, it’s all up to me. I think right now is just to get in shape.”

Hearn echoed the same sentiment as the former unified champion, believing it would be a good scrap during a live Q&A with the fans.

Although the WBC mandatory challenger isn’t fond of the idea, let’s not count out the possibility of these guys lacing them up against each other in the future.

Remember: this is boxing, stranger things have happened.

By: Garrisson Bland

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