Ryan Garcia: “I’m Misunderstood; I Actually Love Black People”

How Much Lower Can Ryan Garcia Go?

Ryan Garcia counters his apology with conflicting follow-up remarks
Ryan Garcia apologizes for his racist rant (credit: Al Bello/Getty Images)

Ryan Garcia Issues an Apology Then Strips It Of All Meaning

In the wake of junior welterweight fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KO’s) making racist tweets, he first chose to double down on his hateful rhetoric. Rather than apologizing or showing an ounce of remorse, Garcia became all the more vile and repugnant. To begin, King Ry went live to air out his latest thoughts on the matter.

“And guess what, I’m not apologizing for nothing! You ain’t going to catch me apologizing for nothing! The last time I apologized was never! Y’all can come try to touch me all y’all want, shoot me if you want, I don’t give a fuck. And guess what, nobody is going to touch me at the fight either. None of you guys are real, none of you guys do anything in person. This is all internet, you guys are all internet gangsters . . . I really want everyone to come try me!”

Along with this official statement, Garcia would be heard on a live feed going well out of his way to say “nigger” an egregious amount of times. As well as:

“I hate niggas, I’m anti-black, nigga I am KKK, nigga, I hate niggas! Hey, let’s go bring George Floyd back to life and kill that nigga again!”


Following these nauseating rants, Garcia predictably did what he has always done over the past several months. Once backed into a corner, he issued a wooden and extremely tone-deaf “apology.” In his plea to the public, he essentially maintained that his words were not really his fault. Garcia blamed folks for being too sensitive and while he claimed was advocating the end of black on black crime. How he got to that conclusion after saying he wanted to join the KKK and re-murder a black man killed by a white cop is anyone’s guess.


As is also his habit, Garcia could not put his phone down and continued posting tweets. In those posts, he repeatedly pointed the finger at others and rationalized how his pain and viewpoint needed to be respected and sympathy extended toward him. In general, he only managed to bleed any merit out of the essentially disingenuous apology that he did blather out in the first place.

Hopefully Garcia does enter into some form of rehab. It’s been frightfully clear for months that he needs professional psychiatric care. More importantly though, he needs to be immediately separated from all social media along with the army of ‘yes-men’ spurring him on.

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