Should Billy Joe Saunders Fight Eubank For The Money Or Retire?

Saunders confirms concerns by Eddie Hearn with talk of fighting Eubank for the right price

DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn talks with Billy Joe Saunders
Eddie Hearn talks with Billy Joe Saunders

Saunders confirms concerns by Eddie Hearn with talk of fighting Eubank for the right price

After fighters suffer a devastating loss for the first time, combined with being away from the sport for a significant amount time, the idea of retirement is always the topic of conversation. However, one of the reasons a fighter would consider hanging around for one last hooray is money. Two-divisional champion “Superb” Billy Joe Saunders is facing this exact situation.


On May 8, for the traditional Cinco De Mayo weekend fight, unified super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (56-1-2, 38ko) stopped then WBO champion Saunders. The British fighter came under heavy scrutiny for quitting on the stool after suffering a broken orbital bone at the end of round eight.

It is common in boxing that fighters sometimes do not respond well to tasting defeat for the first time. Fighters often will reevaluate the situation, especially after taking severe damage. Saunders has even hinted at retiring depending on what his father has to say.

“It’s 50/50. Whether I think, I will have one or a couple more. It’s got to be the right fights.”

Saunders has given some serious thought to walking away from the sport. He spoke on returning for the right price, and the Eubank Jr conversation could lure him back into the ring. However, he will be fighting for money, and that could be a critical mistake. It is no secret that the two rivals have been going back and forth on social media trying to hash out a rematch from their encounter the two-divisional champion won back in 2014.


Chris Eubank accused his fellow countryman of using a fake injury to quit against Alvarez. Furthermore, he called for Saunders to find his balls to fight. Saunders has clapped back asking for $5 million to smash Eubank again.

According to TalkSport, the two-divisional champion hinted at retiring once again, but claims, for the right price, the Eubank Jr rematch is possible.

“I know it is a fan’s fight really, it’s not really a fight where I would look or need to take. I’m financially secure, done it all. Ticked all the boxes from Southern Area to two-weight world champion. So it’s a fight that would interest me if the money was right.”


That last statement is what concerned DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn. During an interview with 3kingsboxing affiliate Pep Talk UK, the charismatic British promoter expressed why fighting for money is a bad idea for Saunders.

“The only reason to fight Eubank is money, which is fine. It is a tough sport but, when you are just fighting for money, when things get tough, you know you’ve been paid anyway. I always think that once you are fighting for money, you should be looking to pack it up.”

Hearn made this statement long before TalkSport’s interview with Saunders. Typically when fighters are only hanging around for the money, it hardly ever works out according to plan. It brings up the question that if the hunger to be the best is no longer a priority, then should Saunders call it a career and retire?

By: Garrisson Bland

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