Shields To Marshall: “Stop Lying To The Fans; You’re Not Injured!”

Claressa Shields Draws Line in the Sand on Fight Date with Marshall

Claressa Shields takes issue with Savannah Marshall
Claressa Shields (L), Savannah Marshall | Credit: Mike Mulholland/Getty Images (L), Lawrence Lustig

Claressa Shields Says Fight With Savannah Marshall Will Happen in September

One of the highly anticipated fights of 2022 is the middleweight unification grudge match between unified champion Claressa “GWOAT” Shields (12-0, 2 KOs) and WBO titleholder Savannah “Silent Assassin” Marshall (12-0, 10 KOs). There’s been much speculation about when the fight will happen. But so far, a date has yet to be finalized.

The initial slot in July was scratched after Marshall underwent minor arm surgery. During an interview with Sky Sports Boxing, Shields talked about the fight being pushed back and questioned the validity of Marshall’s injury.


“I want this fight, and I’ve been patient, and I’ve been easy to work with, letting her make excuse after excuse. And if I was injured, we would still be getting in the ring and fighting in July.

[…] Where’s the cast at; where’s the sling? This is a serious question. Do we go into fights one-hundred percent? No, nobody does. If somebody says, ‘hey, I feel a hundred percent great, nothing’s wrong,’ they’re lying.

[…] She’s out here having a good time, doing interviews. But she doesn’t have on a sling; she doesn’t have on a cast, and she’s telling everybody that she’s literally been cut open. Where? What the hell did you have surgery on?”

Shields contends that if it were her, she would have to provide some evidence; be it an x-ray, or a released medical statement from a doctor. When asked why her rival would lie, the three-division champ said Team Marshall is trying to run out the clock and playing mind games.

The self-proclaimed “GWOAT” is not only an accomplished boxer but also an active MMA fighter who competes in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). When she signed a deal with Sky Sports in November 2021, the 27-year-old told the company that there was only a finite period for a matchup with Marshall as she plans to further pursue her MMA career in 2023.

Against that backdrop, September 3 is now the new proposed date. As the self-proclaimed “GWOAT” explained, it better happen on that date or else.


“If it doesn’t happen September 3, Savannah Marshall’s going to have to find somebody else to play with, that’s it […] The fact that I’ve allowed it to be pushed back from July 9, July 30, and now September. She has enough time to heal and get ready from whatever her injury is and we can get the fight on.”

This is a change of plans from an earlier declaration it could not happen in September due to her obligations with PFL. The unified women’s 160-pound champ is frustrated at how things are playing out. She wants Marshall in the ring to prove she’s the superior fighter. She ended with one final message for her bitter rival.

“Stop lying to the fans. You’re not injured, you’re a bum, and I’m going to see you in September.”

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By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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