Srisaket Sor Rungvisai: Solidified

Rungvisai proves he is the real deal

Last night on HBO Boxing, the world witnessed Srisaket ‘Sor’ Rungvisai grow into the title he won against former pound for pound #1, Roman Gonzalez. It what can only be described as a tremendous fight, a capacity crowd in The Forum, Inglewood, California and the millions watching around the world saw him beat Juan Francisco Estrada and left the crowd cheering on their feet.

The fight was a tale of two fighters with Rungvisai being the pressure fighter and Estrada being the boxer. Styles make fights, and this fight provided us with 12 rounds of nonstop action and boxing worthy of the title ‘poetry in motion’.

Estrada put on a great display of boxing skill. Leading with the jab, fighting off the back foot, getting in & out and looked superb. There is no doubt the champion surprised many with his ability to come forward and counter while not smothering his punches. Keeping pressure on his opponent, and building up the early lead.

This was a classic fight of two determined fighters giving everything they had and earned the respect of the fans. There is no doubt Rungvisai can now claim he is the best 115lb fighter showing the world. The two wins over Gonzalez and now a win over Estrada prove he is no fluke.

By: Garrisson “Bo” Bland 

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  1. no I don’t think he should be rated at all in the p4p ratings i think a few more ritle defenses then he may be considered as a top 10 starting at number 10 and work his way up.

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