Tabiti: Joshua is Definitely Going to Beat Ruiz

Andrew Tabiti: Joshua is Too Big, Too Smart

Andrew Tabiti
Andrew Tabiti

Andrew Tabiti: Joshua is Too Big, Too Smart

In the lead up to the massive rematch between unified heavyweight champion Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz Jr (33-1, 22 KO’s) and Anthony “AJ” Joshua (22-1, 21 KO’s), much has been made of Joshua’s sparring. In all actuality, AJ’s sparring has been a major talking point in both bouts. For the first dust-up it was widely circulated, although unsubstantiated, that Joshua had been lumped up and dropped in his fight preparations. This time around the once defeated UK superstar has been raving about the beneficial nature of his sparring.


In Joshua’s opinion, his loss to Ruiz, in regards to sparring, has been a blessing in disguise. AJ has gone on record saying that prior to the loss he had difficulty obtaining top tier sparring. Now however, the former unified heavyweight champion has enjoyed something of an all-he-can-handle buffet of sparring partners.

For this camp, he has been preparing himself with the likes of Timothy “Mayhem” Moten, Dereck “War” Chisora, Albon Pervizaj, Bryant “By-By” Jennings and Andrew “The Beast” Tabiti. With this cast of characters AJ feels that he is getting all the proper looks and pressure to reclaim his hi-jacked hardware from Ruiz.


Similar to his last training camp, there are ample industry rumblings that Joshua has had a tough time in sparring once again. No one had said that AJ has been the recipient of a concussion this time. However, it has been said that he’s been rocked and may even have been injured. During an interview conducted with IFL TV, current sparring partner, Andrew Tabiti, denounced all those claims.

“There is rumors about Joshua getting dropped, I haven’t seen it, you know so it’s not true. It’s not true, he’s been doing real good hitting and not getting hit and you know that’s the boxer. He’s doing real good. But anybody dropping him, nah I haven’t seen that.”

Not only did the Beast refute those allegations he assured that AJ is looking fit and sharp as ever. According to the once defeated cruiserweight Joshua has performed in superb fashion during camp and has even displayed notable slickness in his defense. In fact, given his present form Tabiti can’t see AJ walking away without a secured victory.

Even more than his impressive power, Tabiti was taken aback by Joshua’s immense hand speed and in-ring technical ability. Given what he has seen, and felt in camp, the Beast is under the impression that many people are overlooking the overall talent of worth of Anthony Joshua.

“People don’t give him the credit, but he’s a lot faster and technical than what I thought. You just have to be in there to see. From the outside, it might not seem that way but when you get in there with him he’s a lot more faster than what people think…”

“One mistake can cost the fight and Anthony Joshua, he knows that and he’s growing from that experience. This time around he’s definitely going to beat him, he’s too big man! Too big, too smart, he’s really underrated, he’s a good fighter, yeah!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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