Kosei Tanaka’s 2020 Goal: “Winning A Title In A Fourth Class”

Kosei Tanaka Eager and Ready To Accomplish More

Kosei Tanaka
Kosei Tanaka

Kosei Tanaka Eager and Ready To Accomplish More

Kosei Tanaka is a fighter who may be known to only serious hardcore boxing geeks. But for those who have seen him fight, they know he’s the genuine article.

A former WBO world Strawweight, Jr. Flyweight and Flyweight champion, the 24-year-old from Nagoya, Japan is one of the skilled and accomplished fighters in the world with a resume that’s on par with anyone in boxing today.

Like all boxers right now, Tanaka’s career has been put to a sudden stop due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. During an exclusive interview with former WBC World Jr. Flyweight Yu Kimura for note.com, the fighter known as “Dream Boy” discussed how he’s coping.


Because of the virus, Tanaka says he’s pretty much abiding by the guidelines set by the country of Japan and his current place of residence, his hometown of Nagoya. That includes wearing a mask and carrying disinfectant whenever he goes out for business appointments, practicing social distancing and having all of his meals at home.

For the time being, his home gym, The Hatanaka Gym, is closed through at least the end of April. However, when it comes to doing what’s needed to stay fit and keep his weight down until the in-the-ring action returns, Tanaka is practicing a policy of not getting ready, but staying ready.

Kosei Tanaka safely exercising during COVID-19 pandemic
Kosei Tanaka safely exercising during COVID-19 pandemic

“I am able to run in the morning and do physical training in the daytime, so my daily rhythm is the same as before — I’m conscious of taking 120g of protein per day and drinking protein from chicken breasts while keeping calories down.”


With his last fight taking place on December 31, 2019, Tanaka is chomping at the bit to get back into the ring. Having accomplished so much in his career, he feels there’s still a lot more to do and has a clear, stated goal in the immediate future.

“I set the goal of winning a title in a fourth class this year, but for the time being, I want to fight at least once this year.”

That would mean moving up from the flyweight to the junior bantamweight division. And the time off may be a blessing in disguise as Tanaka also said he will use this time to get his body adjusted to fighting at a new weight of 115-pounds.

Be clear, this is a man who is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the sport. He’s on the verge of entering his prime years and possibly reaching higher heights in an already stellar career, as his camp was on the verge of negotiating a fight against WBO world Jr. Bantamweight Kazuto Ioka in what would be a mega-bout in Japan.

When the sport returns to normal and we start witnessing action in the ring, it’s going to be fascinating to watch Tanaka display his skills and see how far he can go.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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