Taylor and Prograis Respectful Day After Fight

Taylor and Prograis Friendly After Super Lightweight War

Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor
Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor

Taylor and Prograis Friendly After Super Lightweight War

On October 26, Josh “The Tartan Tornado” Taylor (16-0, 12 KO’s) and Regis “Rougarou” Prograis (24-1, 20 KO’s) staged a memorable action fight in the belly of the O2 Arena. Not only was the intensity high, so were the stakes. After twelve full rounds, Taylor walked away with the Ring Magazine belt, Muhammad Ali trophy and won the World Boxing Super Series super lightweight division tournament. Yet, most importantly, Taylor unified his IBF super lightweight title with Prograis’ WBA super lightweight strap.


In the build-up to their prizefight, both Taylor and Prograis promised to put a hurting on the other man. Likewise, both confident pugilists ensured that they would clearly outclass the other. Looking back on the affair, both men made good on their promise to put a hurting on the other. In regards to separation from the other, not so much.

Once sealed in the ring ropes with one another, Prograis and Taylor fought like the top two guys of the division. Prograis displayed the more polished defensive skills by smoothly evading shots throughout the contest. On the flip side, Taylor’s nonstop attack highlighted his never-say-die attitude and tenacity. In the end, the judges felt that the Tartan Tornado did enough to edge it. Although, one judge, Benoit Roussel, had the fight as a draw.

At the conclusion of the fight, both men wore the scars of the amply traded leather. The Rougarou was bruised with minor cuts and scrapes. Taylor’s right eye had swollen to almost cartoon-ish proportions.

“Enjoy your break man, I’m pretty sure I’ll see you again, so take care. The best, the best. Sure you don’t want a drink before that?” ~Josh Taylor, unified super lightweight champion


In a supreme show of class, both Taylor and Prograis heaped mounds of respect on the other after the fight. This was done in the ring and in the post-fight conference. The mutual respect did not wane any after a good night’s rest. On the Sunday morning following the crackling prizefight, Prograis and Taylor had the occasion to cross paths.

While standing in what appeared to be a hotel lobby, the two recent foes were all smiles and laughs. Even though Taylor’s was much more severe, the right eye of each boxer was notably swollen. In the brief encounter, which was caught on tape, the Rougarou and Tornado reiterated what a solid fighter the other was and spoke taking a vacation! Without question, the two elite boxers have certainly earned one!

“I’m going on vacation, I’m going to Paris first, I’m going back home to LA, then I’m going to Brazil! […] Good fight, you a real good fighter man, respect you!” ~Regis Prograis, former super lightweight champion

By: Bakari Simpson

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