World Boxing Super Series Looking At American Rights Deal?

With more dates to fill new platform possibly looking at tournament 

DAZN is coming to America after signing an 8 year deal with Eddie Hearn for the rights to broadcast the Matchroom Boxing USA events. The deal which is worth 1 billion dollars at 125 million per year is the richest deal in boxing today.

Hearn has confirmed that they will have 16 dates slotted for the U.S. along with another 16 shows from the United Kingdom. However, he has stated that DAZN isn’t done yet and is expected to make another major announcement.

The announcement that will be coming in the near future will give DAZN a total of 50 dates for boxing alone, according to Hearn. The rumblings have started on what can that be? There’s a lot speculation, the one rumor is that they will have the rights to broadcast the World Boxing Super Series in America.

The WBSS is wrapping up it’s first two tournaments, which weren’t broadcast in America. So yes, the rumor makes sense as DAZN needs to fill dates and the WBSS wants it’s tournaments shown on an American platform.

The big time promoters are already signed up with major networks. Top Rank Promotions has an exclusive deal with ESPN. Golden Boy Promotions has a deal with HBO and ESPN, while PBC already has Showtime and affiliates of Viacom the parent company of Showtime.

This rumor actually makes sense and perhaps will be a reality as the WBSS is set to wrap up, the first two tournaments. They are also getting ready for the next two which will be at Bantamweight and Super Lightweight. Hopefully we will get clarity on what DAZN plans on doing. One thing is for sure, it seems like their more than willing to open up their wallet.

By: Wilson Urena 

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