Alexander Returns After The Biggest Fight Of His Life

Devon Alexander Is Back After Long Layoff


The last time we saw Devon Alexander in a boxing match it was in a losing effort against a guy most consider gate keeper in Aaron Martinez. Tonight he steps back in the ring against Walter Castillo, who we last saw lose to Sergey Lipinets back in the summer of 2016.
Devon has loss three of his last four fights before his long two years of inactivity, but he was away fighting a different fight, one where he put his life and livelyhood on the line.
 The opioid epidemic has hit America hard and has been put in the national spotlight recently. Devon become addicted to a ‘pain killer’ call tramadol.  He was prescribed the narcotic after perhaps the best fight of his career against the hard hitting Marcos Maidana.
The St. Louis product needed surgery on his nose to fix a blood clot, and from there the downward spiral started. A man that has never smoked or even had a drink, found himself fighting a drug addiction. One the he hopes to have overcome, as he is eager to get his career back on track.
 The days of the fighter the beat Junior Witter to claim the vacant WBC light welterweight title seem so long ago. Tonight though, he walks into the ring at the Coliseum is St. Petersburg, Florida in the hopes that he can turn back the clock and find the magic he once possessed. Maybe even take a step forward into contention.
He’s a man coming of a fight you won’t find on BoxRec, the battle of his life, and one can’t help but wonder if he knows regardless of when, where or how this comeback ends, he’s a fighter that gave it his all! Time will tell how the comeback ends but I know that after the battle he fought he is truly worthy of being called Alexander The Great!
By: Wilson Urena