Andy Ruiz On Reynoso’s Training: “Discipline, Dedication & Training Hard”

Andy Ruiz Jr May Have Taken Things More Seriously Under Eddy Reynoso

Eddy Reynoso (left) with Andy Ruiz
Eddy Reynoso (left) with Andy Ruiz

Andy Ruiz Jr feels blessed in new environment

Former unified heavyweight champion Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz Jr (33-2, 22ko) feels blessed and inspired with his new training environment with Eddy Reynoso.

In June 2019, at Madison Square Garden, the Destroyer shocked the world by spoiling the American debut of British unified champion Anthony Joshua via seventh-round knockout.

This was an amazing accomplishment on two fronts. Ruiz had a very short training camp after having fought Alexander Dimitrenko on April 20, 2019. Next, he became the first-ever heavyweight champion of Mexican descent.


Ruiz enjoyed the fruits of being the champion a little too much. He was all over social media celebrating the newfound fame, and he spent less time in the gym training for the upcoming rematch. This is a common issue of some fighters losing their hunger once the goal of being champion has been fulfilled.

The rematch took place at the Diriyah Arena in Dubai in December 2019. It was a horrible showing as the Mexican champion came in looking lethargic and unmotivated. Joshua easily won the rematch and regained the titles while becoming a two-time unified champion in the process.


The backlash for Ruiz was vicious and to his credit he took responsibility by apologizing to the entire boxing community for the lack of dedication. Furthermore, the former champion changed trainers from Manny Robles to Mexican megastar Canelo Alvarez’s trainer, Reynoso. It was a big move that sent a message to the boxing world on how serious he was taking his career.

During an interview with Constantino Garcia of Little Giant Boxing, the former unified champion spoke of the difference in switching camps.

“It’s a blessing being over here. It’s a lot different from my last camp and where I was training. Right here it’s all focus, all dedication. Plus you got Canelo, Ryan (Garcia), and Oscar (Valdez, WBC Junior Lightweight champion).

“All these are motivational people that help you want to grow. It’s like a competition. We are all trying to be the best, but we are helping each other out.”

Ruiz is still in the picture for the heavyweight championship. The former champion is highly ranked by three of the major sanctioning bodies.

The former champion was very candid when asked to tell the fans the things he has learned from being under the teaching of Reynoso.

“Discipline and dedication and training fucking hard, man.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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