Bill Haney: Leonard Ellerbe Blocking Haney v Davis

Bill Haney Frustrated with Leonard Ellerbe

Bill Haney with Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis with Leonard Ellerbe
Bill Haney with Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis with Leonard Ellerbe

Bill Haney Frustrated with Leonard Ellerbe

When his son, Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0, 15 KO’s), decided to take boxing serious as a profession Bill Haney knew that maintaining control of that career was vital. This is largely why they created Devin Haney promotions. By functioning as his own fighter and promoter, Devin is free to make whatever prizefights that he wants to make.


While this train of thought was clever and impressive, it has not necessarily translated into the type of bouts that they want to secure. One of these elusive opponents is none other than former super featherweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (22-0, 21 KO’s). Davis and Haney have been well aware of one another since the Dream’s amateur days, as explained to Barbershop Conversations.

“I feel that they have enough history. He seen Devin, Devin done seen him and it’s something that the fans would want to see. And that’s all it is.” ~Bill Haney

Despite calling for the bout, and woofing back and forth via social media, the fight has never been made. One person that Bill Haney feels is a major impediment to the showdown is Money Team bigwig Leonard Ellerbe.

“They’re being businessmen and Devin is being a fighter. So you can’t hide behind the business because he owns his own company, you know what I mean. He can negotiate. So you can’t hide behind the politics, business and all this other shit…he’s in a perfect position to negotiate, and he’s in a partnership with Eddie Hearn that doesn’t have a problem with putting together a big event.” ~Bill Haney


Bill Haney is of the mindset that Ellerbe and crew recognize the Dream for being the challenging handful that he is and would rather not face him at this time. Rather than be upfront about the matter, the elder Haney has been turned off by Ellerbe’s spin-doctoring when in the eye of the media. Rather than continuing to bicker with one another, Bill would much prefer they settle all discrepancy’s in the ring.

“You know, Leonard Ellerbe he be fat-mouthing, I don’t know what Leonard be thinking. I don’t know what he be talking about now because I was thinking that he was one of the guys that you could come to, talk business and make a fight, you know? For surely Devin fits the profile of a big fight, and you know we’re all businessmen.” ~Bill Haney


Bill Haney finds the current situation especially unfortunate because in the end he harbors a great deal of respect for Tank and his team. When it comes to business, and getting Tank ready for a fight, Bill views the Money Team as being among the very best. This attention to detail is another reason why Team Haney craves the opportunity to display their skills against Tank.

“I’m a big fan of him [Tank Davis], I’m a big fan of his team. I think that they do a tremendous job with him, with getting him ready for a fight because you know he party’s like a rock star that he is. He’s a star so he party’s but when it comes to fight time, I really respect how they get him ready for the lights. So just as a fight fan, separate from anything else, that would just be a great fight that I would love to see.” ~Bill Haney

As fellow fight fans, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this intriguing prizefight can be brought to life.

By: Bakari Simpson

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