Kell Brook: “I Can’t Walk Away! There Are Some Big Fights Out There!”

Kell Brook has His Eyes on More Money and More Fights

Kell Brook celebrates victory
Kell Brook celebrates victory Credit: Getty Images

Kell Brook Has His Mind Set on the Big Fights

In his last tour of duty, welterweight boxer Kell “Special K” Brook (40-3, 28 KO’s) picked up an especially memorable victory. In that prizefight, Brook defeated his long time arch nemesis Amir “King” Khan (34-6, 21 KO’s). Not only did he win, Special K dominated, beat up and ultimately stopped Khan in the sixth round of the one-sided dustup.

Heading into the bout, it was no secret that both Khan and Brook were approaching the end of their careers. In fact, no one would have been surprised if the pair hung up their gloves directly after their match. That is just what it appears Amir Khan is going to do. The same cannot be said for Brook.


While Kell Brook certainly has pondered, and even spoken out loud about, the notion of retirement, it seems that his heart is not ready to let go. While conducting interviews in the wake of his duel with Khan, Special K got straight to the heart of the matter when it came to his retirement.

“Listen, I can’t walk away […], I want to fight [Chris] Eubank [Jr] as well. I don’t like Eubank, we could fight Eubank! There are some big fights out there for me, if the millions are right I will fight! You know, because it’s prizefighting at the end of the day and I’ve seen some beautiful dollars.”


It will be interesting to see if Brook, ranked #13 (WBC), remains true to his word and continues on with a professional boxing career. If he does, there is little doubt that the bouts that excite him are very doable. Eubank Jr has already publicly declared his desire to dance with Brook in the squared-circle. So, let’s sit back and see if one of these fights comes to fruition.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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