Andrew Cancio & JoJo Diaz II: The Social Media War Begins!

Andrew Cancio vs JoJo Diaz II On Social Media

Andrew Cancio and JoJo Diaz
Andrew Cancio (left) and JoJo Diaz (right).

The simmering beef between Andrew Cancio and Joseph Diaz Jr.

While most boxing fans were tweeting about the action taking place on DAZN and Showtime on July 27, a simmering rivalry was brewing on social media between WBA super featherweight champion Andrew Cancio and world ranked contender Joseph “JoJo” Diaz. Both fighters held nothing back, and it seems both men are itching for a fight.

Oddly enough, things popped off between the two in response to a comment Cancio made about another fighter.

Here’s how things went down. While watching the fight between Tevin Farmer and Guillaume Franois, Cancio tweeted at Farmer that the fight was “shitty” and

“No wonder you wanna fight JoJo Diaz. I thought you wanted to unify.”

Apparently Diaz saw the tweet and decided to chime in. He claimed Cancio will not be a champion after September. The champion responded in kind by calling Diaz a “lil bitch”.

A History of Bad Blood

There is a history between the two. Cancio suffered a ninth round TKO by Diaz in September 2016 and retired after the bout before deciding to make a comeback in 2018. Since his comeback, he has gone on to become the WBA regular champion and one of the feel-good stories in the sport.

The back-and-forth that started on July 27 continued the following day with Diaz claiming he will beat Cancio in worse fashion than he did before and challenging him to a $50,000 bet should they fight again.

Cancio was having none of Diaz claiming he will stop him within six rounds and said if he is serious about a rematch, send a contract then suggest that a rematch should take place on the under-card of Canelo’s next fight.

It’s interesting that Diaz tweeted that Cancio will no longer have a belt in September. Does that mean there’s work being done behind the scenes for a rematch in September?

After his rematch win over Alberto Machado on June 21, Cancio said he would love to avenge his loss. One thing is for sure, based on how these fighters were barking at each other over social media, it’s time for these two to settle their differences…in the ring.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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