Canelo Knows His Stamina Is An Issue That Needs Fixed To Beat Golovkin

Alvarez likely to train in Colorado mountains for rematch 

Last September when Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin fought to controversial draw one thing that almost all boxing pundits and media could agree on is that Canelo seemed to have issues with his stamina. It also seems to be most analysts concern going into the May 5th rematch.

After his last training camp being in San Diego Alvarez will likely spend much of camp this time in Colorado as they try to solve stamina problem. Why Alvarez believes he won the first fight he does however acknowledge some areas he feels he can improve on to help him in the rematch and it does include his conditioning.

“I’ve watched it like 10 times, I think I had a good fight. I won the fight by two points. I think that, in order to be more convincing, I just have to throw more punches and nothing else. We are analyzing the idea of training in the mountains of Colorado, to be at a high elevation to gain more conditioning,” Canelo said.

“We are looking for a convincing victory. That’s why we’re going this time and we’re going to prepare for a more active fight. I will give the best of myself in training so that the fight is easier.”

Last month had an article [link below] discussing the possibility of a third fight in which Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya said a trilogy is pretty much a sure thing. Whether he wins or loses Alvarez seems to echo that sentiment himself.

“It may be, I think there is a high percentage that there may be a third fight. Let’s see how the second one develops. In the first one, there was a lot of talk about the rematch, and it ended up being something that was done. Let’s hope that it’s a great fight and that the public will enjoy it,” Canelo said.

Whether you believed the first fight was won or lost by Alvarez, personally I had Golovkin winning 115-113, you have to give both him and Golovkin credit for giving us the fans and media the only fight most cared to see for either guy after the sour taste left from the first fight bout. That in itself is very refreshing.

By: Chris Henderson 

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