When Money Talks Sanctioning Bodies Listen

Things that make you go Hmmm… 

As it’s been reported Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has been temporarily suspended by Nevada State Athletic Commission, with a final hearing is set for April 10th. As the investigation ensues and the public concentrates on the findings, I’m sitting here wondering where are the sanctioning bodies on this?

They have been completely mum on this today but let’s revisit the beginning. From the start Golden Boy got ahead of the story, they put out a press release saying Alvarez had failed a drug test, meaning one test. They blamed it on tainted meat from Mexico and even moved their camp to California. Throughout of this whole ordeal some of the sanctioning bodies came out in support of Alvarez.

The WBA released a statement, basically stating they believe in Alvarez. The WBC President Mauricio Salaiman has publicly supported Alvarez through this entire ordeal. One can wonder did they know what the public has learned today, that Alvarez had failed not one but two tests. The first test contained much higher amounts than the story that was put out. In other words, Golden Boy only referenced the second failed test and it’s consistency with levels in line with contaminated meat.

But for some reason these sanctioning bodies took their words for it, were they even aware of the facts? If not, then why not? Let’s take Sulaiman for example, who when Luis Ortiz failed a test released the results via Twitter before it even got announced to the public. He’s the same man that postponed the first Wilder vs Ortiz fight. So how come they knew then but all the sudden didn’t know now.

The WBA who went along with showing support is the same organization that removed Luis Ortiz from their rankings and even suspended him after his failed test. Doubled standard much? Shame one guy but not the other? you can speculate on why and come up with a couple of reasons, but realistically there’s only one.

It’s all about the greed, too much money at stake, too much money to make. Even Gennady Golovkin’s team still wants the fight, it’s a payday all around for all parties involved. Why do you think they have so many belts for? It’s all about revenue and the way this scenario has played out, they’ve clearly shown that.

By: Wilson Urena 

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