Blair Cobbs To Michael McKinson: “I Ain’t Pulling Out! I Will Fuck You Up!”

Blair Cobbs Gets the Center Stage That he Craves

Blair Cobbs challenges Michael McKinson
Blair Cobbs challenges Michael McKinson

Blair Cobbs Calls Out Michael McKinson!

In the build-up to his next bout, welterweight fighter Blair “The Flair” Cobbs (15-0-1, 10 KO’s) has levied harsh comments at many of his fellow 147-pounders. Among them, he listed contender Vergil Ortiz Jr as being too meaningless of a dustup to pursue. Some might find that odd considering that Ortiz was headlining the card that Cobbs was next going to appear on. Not to mention the fact that Ortiz holds the far better standings with this #1 (WBO), #1 (WBC) #2 (WBA) and #4 (IBF) rankings, while Flair is absent from the top 15 rankings of all four of the major sanctioning bodies.

Vergil Ortiz Jr pulls out of fight with Michael McKinson

As they say though, one man’s misfortune is another man’s gain. In a regrettable turn of events for Vergil Ortiz Jr, he was forced to withdraw from his upcoming duel with Michael McKinson due to medical reasons. With this being the case though, now Flair and his opponent, Alexis Rocha, will likely slide into the main event slot.


As is typically the case with Blair Cobbs, he maintained his high-energy persona when taking to his social media to reaffirm his desire to accept this new opening. He also took a dig at Ortiz for not going through with his fight. Clearly though, he has no compunction about switching opponents. Now that Flair will probably become the main feature of the evening, it will be revealing to see what he does with the center stage position.

“Michael McKinson it is time! Never fear Blair “The Flair” is here! And I ain’t pulling out babe! Come and get this work, you trying to get it let’s get it! I am going to fuck you up, lets go!”

Blair Cobbs

Will he shine and reinforce this insistent talking point that he is the uncrowned king of the division? Or, will Cobbs have a poor outing and be branded as another run of the mill loud mouthed braggarts? Only time will tell! Thankfully, regardless of the outcome, 3Kings Boxing will be here to report the news.

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