Clay Collard Upsets Undefeated Prospect David Kaminsky In Las Vegas

David Kaminsky Suffers A Shocking Defeat!

Clay Collard and David Kaminsky
Clay Collard (left) and David Kaminsky

19-year old prospect David Kaminsky drops a decision to Clay Collard

After six rounds of grueling domination “Cassius” Clay Collard (7-3, 2 KO’s) pulled off a bloody upset victory over David “The Lion of Zion” Kaminsky (6-1, 3 KO’s). The fight, which served as the second bout of the Gabriel Flores Jr vs Josec Ruiz main event, went left for Kaminsky right from the start.

Before the former undefeated 19 year-old up and coming super middleweight could even get out the first round his eye was cut and face swelling. Sadly, for Team Kaminsky, nothing really improved after that opening round.

Having enjoyed the success that he did in the premiere period, Collard wisely never let off the gas and pressed the action for all six rounds.

In fact, there were several points in the prizefight were Collard was literally running after a retreating Kaminsky while still throwing punches. Outside of those unorthodox moments, the underdog consistently touched the undefeated prospect to the head and was notably dedicated to a vicious body attack.

To his credit, Kaminsky never stopped trying to win, nor did he show any visible lack of heart. Unfortunately though, heart and will alone do not win fights.

Without being able to make any meaningful adjustments, the Lion of Zion was left with little recourse outside of trying to stay out the way. Yet, at the end of the fight, his badly swollen and bleeding face accurately displayed how ineffective he was at that end.

Congrats go to “Cassius” Clay Collard for the exciting upset win.

By: Bakari Simpson

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