Brian Custer On Calling Fights Without Fans: “I’m Gon’ Bring My A-Game!”

Brian Custer Ready To Do His Job With Or Without Fans!

Brian Custer
Brian Custer

Brian Custer preps for fights without fans

The new normal for sports already back from the COVID-19 induced lockdown, or that’ll soon be starting back up competition, will be performing without fans in attendance.

Athletes have been getting questions on how is it going to effect them, if it will at all. What about the men and women hired to call the action? Will it effect their enthusiasm, energy and effort knowing that there’s no fans there sharing the same type of emotion?

Brian Custer talks about returning to work during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“For us, it’s going to be really interesting. We’ve talked a lot about us even being tested, whether we do it in Las Vegas or California whenever we arrive, as soon as we arrive, being tested.

“Basically being locked into our hotel rooms until fight night and then fight night, going out there, and yeah it’ll really be an empty venue whether it be a sound stage, whether it be a hotel ballroom. But it’s going to be really interesting not having a crowd or a very small crowd and have the same energy.”


“It’s just like a fighter, you’re there, you get paid to do a job. You’re getting paid to do it to the best of your ability whether or not the venue’s filled or whether or not there’s nobody there. I know I’m gon’ bring my A-game and I can’t wait to do it.”

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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