Brian Custer Says Showtime Seeking Big Fights Out Of The Gate!

Brian Custer Says Showtime Is Eager To Make Big Fights Upon Return!

Brian Custer (left)
Brian Custer (left)

Brian Custer: “At Showtime we’ve talked about having big fights right out the gate”

Many boxing fans have wondered what type of big of fights, if any, would they get once boxing resumes after being temporarily halted due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Most in boxing have come to the conclusion that not many big fights, if any, would be made. This would result from financial restraints that would come due to fans not being able to attend fights, effectively voiding potential income earned from the live gate.

However, Brian Custer, host of Showtime’s championship boxing and The Last Stand podcast, told that the powerful network is indeed looking to come out of this pandemic with major fights and fight cards.

“I know at Showtime we’ve talked a lot about having big time fights right out of the gate, and having really good cards; getting back to what we had two years ago, three years ago, when it was every year Showtime was just the main event, the co-main event, even the opening bout were just unbelievable fights.

“I thinks that’s what we’re looking at doing.”


This seems like a very ambitious feat considering everything the country as a whole is currently going through and trying to recover from. In this hurt business, fighters are rightfully looking to be well-compensated, as one punch or fight could forever change their lives for the worst. It’s great to hear that Showtime is looking kickstart the big fights in boxing. However, the question will have to be asked: with no ticket sales and potential low pay-per-view buys, where will the money come from to pay these big name fighters?

The powers that be at Showtime will have to have a master plan in place to pull this off or have fighters willing to take a significant paycut to step in the ring.

We shall see what comes of this once Showtime officially green lights their return to the sweet science.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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