Dana White Reveals Details To Meeting With Floyd Mayweather

If by some chance you’ve been scrolling through social media and saw the headline “Dana White is meeting with Floyd Mayweather to talk about UFC plans”, well don’t feel bad if you fell for it. It seems that most did apparently as it’s the highest trending topic in the sport.


The truth is that anybody that remotely knows Mayweather knows he’s arguably the best pot stirrer combat sports has ever seen. When he mentioned a couple of weeks ago he may entertain the thought of joining the UFC he was just stirring the pot.


Along with Floyd in that argument for best pot stirrer is the president of the UFC Dana White and when you combine the two? Well silly stuff like the aforementioned headline is what.


White rekindled the silly talk earlier by stating he had a meeting with team Mayweather and “anything is possible” when asked about Floyd fighting in the UFC. He has since revealed what that meeting was actually about.


“Let’s be clear here: Floyd gets killed in MMA, and I think even Floyd knows that,” White said. “I’ve been very honest about I’m getting into boxing. I want to get into boxing and in 2018 the next couple of months, I’m meeting with everybody from the boxing world and I’m meeting with Team Mayweather too.”


As for Mayweather getting into MMA for a possible rematch with Conor McGregor?


“He’s not talking about it,” White said explicitly. “I mean, Floyd would be crazy. Obviously it would be a big deal, Floyd would make a lot of money. But no, I don’t think Floyd wants to fight in the Octagon.”


I mean did anyone really think it was gonna happen anyway? Well nevermind….


By: Chris Henderson

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