Gervonta Davis Warns Devin Haney: “Don’t Let Me Get Personal”

Gervonta Davis Warns Devin Haney

Gervonta Davis (left), Devin Haney
Gervonta Davis (left), Devin Haney

Gervonta Davis Decides To Clap Back At Devin Haney

It is known among boxing circles that WBC World Lightweight champion Devin Haney (25-0, 15 KOs) and WBA ‘Super’ World Junior Lightweight/WBA ‘Regular’ World Lightweight Gervonta Davis (24-0, 23 KOs) are far from friends. You could deduce that the two young world champions are not even cordial with each other at this point. The two regularly take shots at each other on Twitter. However, on November 8, trash-talk between the two heated up once again in a major way.

This time, things seem to center around their one common opponent, Yuriorkis Gamboa. On November 7, Haney defended his WBC 135-pound belt with a unanimous decision win over Gamboa, who in his previous fight was defeated by Davis in December 2019.

Feeling the heat from fans and pundits who compared his performance against Gamboa to how Davis looked against the same fighter, Haney sent out a GIF of Gamboa landing a combination to the head of Davis on November 8. It was an obvious dig at the Baltimore resident.

Well, Davis must have had his eyes wide open on the social media streets and had all the time. He launched a series of tweets at his adversary claiming that he makes more money. He followed with a warning that if Haney decides to keep talking, things can get even more personal.

Gervonta Davis taunts Devin Haney over his fight money
Gervonta Davis taunts Devin Haney over his fight money
Gervonta Davis warns Devin Haney things can get personal
Gervonta Davis warns Devin Haney things can get personal


This is happening not only against the backdrop of their comparative performances against Gamboa. Some of the venom coming from Davis is the residue of him feeling some kind of way about the relationship between Haney and his promoter, Floyd Mayweather.

Things are escalating fast between Davis and Haney. Although, the argument can be made that Davis’ warning shot about Haney’s personal life could be crossing the line. But the good thing is they could settle this by fighting each other. And on paper, a Davis v Haney showdown would be one of the more marketable fights that could take place.

Because of their styles inside the ring, coupled with their popularity on social media, the younger boxing fanbase would eat up a matchup between the two. With the aspect of social media, the pre-fight build-up would be big-time. Let us hope all parties involved can turn their Instagram/Twitter sparring into an actual fight at some point.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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