Dawn of a New Era: The Heavyweights

DNE - The Heavyweight Picture
From left to right: Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, Luis Ortiz

Welcome to my momma’s kitchen, aka the current heavyweight picture

Part II of the Dawn of a New Era series will focus on the heavyweight division. Click the link to view Part I: The Next Superstar!

Why is it that we like boxing? Is it unexpressed, pent up adrenaline built up by what goes on in our lives day by day? Could it be the things we witness happening around us regularly pumping us up? In our society, corruption, injustice, poverty, failure, and negativity are daily hurdles we struggle with. We the people need a quick solution for all of the chaos we go through so frequently. That quick solution is boxing. Boxing provides us avatars for “heroes and villains”; the guys we root for and the guys we love to hate. This sport gives us an opportunity to alleviate our day to day problems. Deep down inside, boxing satisfies a much more primitive and driving facet of who we as humans indeed are.

Framing the Picture

Throughout history, boxing has always honestly been about the heavyweight division. For nearly two decades now, that division has genuinely lost the public’s interest. One suspicion blames the years in which we had two dominant forces almost entirely controlling the division. Some might say their fighting styles were boring, others may state that their styles were works of art. Ultimately, it all lies in the eyes of the beholder. There are people on two opposites sides of the spectrum, similar to how some people like classical music and others love heavy metal. Is it even possible for there to be a happy medium?

You can compare today’s heavyweight picture to momma’s kitchen. Most of us know that when momma is in the kitchen, something good is soon to come. We look at the stove and there is a pot that is full of water sitting on that stove. Notice, the lid of the pot is dancing – barely containing what’s tucked inside that’s trying its hardest to spill out. For now, its all we can do to just enjoy the smell and let our senses inform us of something great that will soon be plate-ready for all of us to savor over. That experience, in short, is the current state of the heavyweight division.

Momma’s Kitchen

The kitchen aroma comes courtesy of the base of our upcoming meal. I’m referencing Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua, the two most talked about heavyweights at this time. However, the magic to that perfect recipe lies in all of the ingredients. Those ingredients are Luis Ortiz, Dillian Whyte, Joseph Parker, Tyson Fury, Andy Ruiz, Alexander Povetkin, Jarrell Miller, Tony Bellew, Dereck Chisora, and Adam Kownacki, just to name a few.

Now, let’s not forget about dessert! To top off our three-course meal we cannot forget to mention Oleksandr Usyk. In recent interviews, he has revealed that he would like to migrate to heavyweight and fight the best in the division. This is very possible because he holds the WBA Super World Cruiserweight title, which gives him a mandatory slot if he chooses to move up. That mandatory challenge will be placed on Anthony Joshua who holds that same very belt, but in the super heavyweight division.

Be on the lookout for all of the guys mentioned above in the upcoming months. Many of these fighters will soon begin their clashes in pursuit of becoming the best heavyweight of this era.  Don’t let some of their recent defeats fool you. I have seen much improvement in many of the guys who recently took losses. However, you’ll want to digest this savory meal as the heavyweight division is much more appetizing than it has been in a couple of years.

What to Take Home

Momma’s kitchen meets Gordon Ramsey; a traditional and familiar dinner, with a kick that just might take you by surprise at the end. The next time someone tells you that boxing is dead, or that the heavyweight division is boring, suggest them to please take a trip to momma’s kitchen. They just might be in for a surprise.

By: Cesar Rivas

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