Eddie Hearn Wants To Make Fury/Joshua

Hearn looking at possibly the biggest fight in British boxing history 

Today Eddie Hearn gave the boxing world a clear indication that he clearly wants to put on what could arguably be the biggest fight in British Boxing History.

Now, we have all seen that Tyson Fury has called out Anthony Joshua on Twitter, challenging him to be his first fight back after a two and a half year layoff. Something we know will not happen, given the impending announcement of the unification bout between Joshua and Parker.

Eddie Hearn has since revealed that Fury has not only been in contact with himself, but Fury even went direct to Joshua over the weekend via text.

“I spoke to Tyson Fury this morning,” Hearn told Sky Sports News. “He even got in contact with Anthony Joshua at the weekend, so we’re all talking.

“Let me tell you, that’s a fight that we would sit down now and make for 2018. I’ve already seen that he wants 60-40, Tyson Fury, which is not quite the idea that we have, but we are up for making the Tyson Fury fight.

“It won’t be next, because we know what we’re trying to do next. We’re trying to clean up the division and win all the belts, but if it has to be the one after in the summer or have to be after that.

“We are prepared to sit down and make that fight now with Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua is as well, because he called me straight after Tyson was texting him the other day.”.

You’d of seen on 3 Kings Boxing earlier this afternoon that Fury has confirmed he will reapply for his boxing licence, although the BBBofC claim they have yet to be contacted.

Now I am speculating here. But realistically I don’t see Joshua fighting Fury AND Wilder this calendar year. I feel one fight will give way for the other.

Im keen to get your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.

 By: Aaron Cooper 

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