Joshua’s $500M Deal?

Joshua looking at extension with Matchroom 

Yesterday a report surfaced in The Telegraph that UFC President Dana White was willing to offer unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua a $500M deal. The deal was expected to be for 10 fights and average $50M each.

White has previously stated his desire to join boxing as a promoter after the success he saw from last year’s Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight. Joshua is arguably the biggest name in the sport of boxing on a global scale and him signing with White would be a huge boost to any promotion.

Joshua has been with Matchroom since turning pro but his contract expires at the end of this year if he doesn’t have a fight scheduled. So yesterday’s report did trigger a somewhat knee-jerk reaction.

However, has learned from a source close to the negotiations that Joshua will sign an extension with his current promoter Eddie Hearn. Joshua did say that he would be willing to sit down and listen to what White had to say but Hearn would be there to.

In a time in which White’s UFC is considered to be suffering a hit in PPV numbers an offer like this to Joshua has to give McGregor goosebumps when he thinks about what he could demand to return. McGregor had built a huge prior to ever facing Mayweather and now with that promotion he has moved into another realm.

By: Chris Henderson 

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