Eubank Sr: “My Son Didn’t Listen To Me Because Of Floyd Mayweather”

Chris Eubank Sr Sees Floyd Mayweather the Man as a Problem

Chris Eubank Sr says Floyd Mayweather Jr is a bad influence
Chris Eubank Sr (L, Credit: PA), Floyd Mayweather Jr (Credit: Getty Images)

Chris Eubank Sr Says Floyd Mayweather is a Bad Influence on Eubank Jr

Chris Eubank Sr, father of top middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr (32-2, 23KO), is not frustrated with his son. Eubank Jr has been unwillingness to take his father’s advice. Furthermore, Sr called into question his son’s decision to admire Hall of Fame inductee Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In September, Eubank Sr shocked the boxing community by calling off the rivalry fight with Conor Benn (21-0, 14KO). He was not thrilled with the catchweight stipulation of 157 pounds or the rehydration clause. In addition, the elder Eubank was adamant that it was his job as a father to protect his son.

Nonetheless, Eubank Jr went against his father’s wishes and proceeded with fight as planned. The bout ultimately got postponed after Benn tested positive for a banned substance.


It seems there are some unresolved issues among the father and son tandem, as told by Eubank Sr in an interview with The Fight Is Right.

“I made this very clear three months ago that this fight isn’t going to happen because he’s my son. I’ve got to protect him. These people are attempting to murder that boy […] if you’ve lived the life of a fighter, then you know what it is to lose weight.”

“My son been protected, and I brought him up good in boxing. But you know he doesn’t want to listen; he wants to be the boss. I said go ahead. I don’t think you should have the fight [..] unfortunately junior doesn’t understand and doesn’t believe in me. I believe in him, but he doesn’t believe in me.”


Eubank Sr expressed the feeling that his son does not appreciate all that he has sacrificed for him to have a successful boxing career. As the interview continued, Eubank Sr said his son gravitated toward Mayweather Jr’s crude behavior.

“You’ve got people that you aspire to be like. He picked Floyd Mayweather Jr because he shows the bling, he shows the planes, he shows the money, he shows the girls […] I admire him as a fighter. As a man, don’t talk to me about him.”

“He’s teaching my boy to be a bling bling kid. He’s looking up to you, Mr. Mayweather. No and so that’s why he didn’t listen, and now the world is looking at him as though he is a greedy little pig.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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