Mikey Garcia Claims No Upcoming Bout is Set!

Garcia vs Garcia is in Doubt!

Mikey Garcia
Mikey Garcia

Mikey Garcia dismisses any talk of a possible match-up against Danny Garcia.

On June 14, 3kingsboxing.com, along with numerous other media outlets, reported on a prospective fight between Mikey Garcia (39-1, 30 KO’s) and Danny “Swift” Garcia (35-2, 21 KO’s).

Apparently, sources close to the negotiations revealed the two camps had agreed to all terms for a fall showdown. The information was welcomed by the boxing world and an announcement was thought to be forthcoming.

However, following an interview that Mikey Garcia granted to Fighthype.com, it would seem that the match-up is somewhat in doubt.

In the brief segment, which took place in what appeared to be a small restaurant, Garcia was leisurely eating tacos with a couple members of his team. When asked point-blank if there were any updates on his upcoming fight the gifted Californian boxer replied, “Not yet.”

Upon further needling into a potential match-up between himself and Danny, Garcia become even more dubious.

As stated before, the initial reports claimed that the two Garcia camps were basically on the same page with all the major sticking points for a fall prizefight. Yet, here in this interview Mikey makes it sound as if nothing has been agreed to. The contrast in the two tones is puzzling to say the least.

“I don’t have a fight yet. Yea, I’m going to have another fight for sure, I’ll have another fight before the end of the year, but I don’t have anything yet.

“I haven’t even discussed anything. I’m supposed to, I’m waiting, you know, for the negotiations and discussions. There isn’t anything to negotiate because we still haven’t discussed anything.”

For those looking forward to the all Garcia clash this commentary is rather disheartening. It can’t be denied that there is a tall mountain and wide ocean between the conflicting statements, “both parties have agreed to all terms” and “we still haven’t discussed anything”!

However, it’s hard to not believe Mikey when he is obviously right in the middle of everything.

Ideally, the fight may be closer to being made than Mikey Garcia is making it sound here in this segment. Yet, with this new revelation, it seems prudent to not hold your breath waiting for this official announcement any time soon.

Stay tuned for any new breaks or developments on this story.

By: Bakari Simpson

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