Gausha vs Trout Goes to a Draw

Austin Trout and Terrell Gausha (right)
Austin Trout and Terrell Gausha (right)

Austin Trout vs Terrell Gausha recap

In a fight to stay relevant, Austin “No Doubt” Trout (31-5,17KOs) looks to put Terrell Gausha (21-1, 10KOs) in his place. This fight will put the winner at or near title contention.

To start the fight, Gausha is very aggressive, reminiscent of his amateur career. He’s walking Trout down behind a tight guard and forcing a very fast pace. In this first part of the fight, the Ohio native is boxing a perfect fight, coming forward landing jabs and eye-catching right-hands. Through four rounds, Terrell Gausha has been dominant and thus far has won every round clearly.

As the fight is progressing, the former champ is showing his mettle with his adjustments and grit. He’s landing body shots and occasional counters. The problem is Gausha is showing excellent ring generalship and matching the the adjustments of the former champion. The biggest factor is the footwork. Gausha, who’s known as being somewhat of a plodder, is on his toes moving very well. The second big takeaway is that the younger fighter’s punches are much sharper and it has to be influencing the judges.

After ten rounds, it appears Gausha has won at least seven of them. Now we wait for the judges to turn in their scores. The judges really botched this as the scores read 99-91 for Gausha, 94-96 Trout, and 95-95 draw. This is simply inexplicable and it’s hard to know where either fighter goes from here. Also, in the post-fight, Gausha disclosed that he had an illness in camp and that his father had passed. As far as a rematch is concerned, Trout was enthusiastic about the idea. However, Gausha rightfully felt he’d won and stated he’s not interested.

By: Corey Cunningham

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