George Wins Escudero Rematch By Ninth Round Stoppage!

Joe George viciously KOs Marcos Escudero in rematch!

Joe George
Joe George

Joe George viciously KOs Marcos Escudero in rematch!

In Showtime’s first fight card since March, their triple header kicked off with a rematch between light heavyweights Joe George (10-0, 6KOs) and Marcos Escudero (10-1, 9KOs). Back in November of 2019, the former would be on the receiving end of a very debatable split decision win.

In their initial tussle, Escudero was an offensive buzz saw. He threw tons of punches, consistently beating George to the punch for the majority of the fight. However, in the end, it wasn’t enough.


The rematch started differently with George coming out more offensive minded, using his jab and right hand. As the rounds progressed, the fight started to mirror their first match-up. Escudero would turn up the pressure pushing George back onto the ropes and unloading shots to the body and head.

George, who’s the clear boxer out of the two, elected to counter. He did this many times, often throwing uppercuts and left hooks when against the ropes.

Round 8 was an interesting one for both men as Escudero kept up the pressure but appeared to be getting outboxed. With about five seconds left, George landed a straight right hand that appeared to drop Escudero, but it wasn’t ruled as so.


With the fight seemingly up in the air, George landed a vicious left uppercut and sent Escudero crashing down to the canvas unable to get up! This was a big statement for George, who wanted to end the notion that he got a gift decision in their first fight. Escudero was up on two of the three judges scorecard at the time of the stoppage.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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