Golovkin Discusses First Fight & Upcoming Rematch

The longtime champion believes starting earlier is key

Last September Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin fought to a controversial draw. While all the talk originally was about the decision and one particular judge’s scorecard, more recently it has been about the rematch.

Fans on both sides have discussed in social media forums what each guy can do different to increase their chances of winning. The overwhelming majority believe that Canelo needs better stamina while Golovkin needs to concentrate on the body more.

3KingsBoxing.com caught up with Golovkin earlier and he was able to give us his take on the differences between the two fights and if he’s worried about the venue.

“I have no problem in Vegas. The judges score fight but the people knows who win(s). I won the first time and I can again.” said Golovkin when asked about the fight being back in Vegas.

Recently Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez told 3KingsBoxing.com that he didn’t believe there needed to be any changes in strategy between the two fights. We asked Golovkin how he felt about it.

“I won the first fight he run. He said he was going to knockout me but he run, no? The second fight will have more action and I will have more power from the beginning.” Golovkin said.

Interestingly enough he actually brought up the fact he felt he could’ve most definitely started bringing pressure to Canelo earlier in the first fight and plans on doing it sooner this fight. This is something that’s been debated amongst fans as well with Golovkin fans saying he gave Canelo too much respect early and Canelo fans saying Alvarez was earning that respect by landing solid shots.

“He’s good boxer but I am better fighter. He has normal hard hitting, nothing different than other guys. I will come for him sooner and faster this time. I couldn’t hit his body because he run the first fight but I can see this fight will be different.”

Who will make the better adjustments? Who do you favor? There ain’t but one way to find out what happens and that’s on HBO PPV on May 5th live from T-Mobile Arena. If you’re interested in attending the fight live then tickets can be purchased at the link below starting tomorrow at 10am and they range from $300-$5000.

Golovkin/Canelo 2 tickets

By: Chris Henderson 

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