Hearn Clarifies Whyte Title Situation; WBC Honors Mandatory Request!

Eddie Hearn clarifies the Whyte situation

Eddie Hearn and Dillian Whyte
Eddie Hearn (right) and Dillian Whyte (left).

Eddie Hearn speaks on his plan that resulted in the WBC allowing the winner of Whyte vs Rivas to be Deontay Wilder’s mandatory!

UPDATE 7/17/2019: The WBC honors Dillian Whyte’s request to allow his fight with Oscar Rivas to be for the mandatory position!

By now, the WBC’s handling of silver titlist Dillian Whyte is well-documented. The ongoing debacle over the past two years regarding a title opportunity has yet to be fully resolved.

In an interview with iFL TV Promoter Eddie Hearn went into to details in what could finally be a resolution. When asked about if there was any news surrounding the situation the quick-witted promoter had an answer.

“We are drafting paperwork with the WBC still to try and tighten this agreement up to make sure that it’s fair for Dillian Whyte.”

“There will be a set date where the WBC champion has to fight Dillian Whyte. If he beats Rivas, by the way.”

Hearn is referring to the upcoming bout his fighter has with #10 ranking challenger Oscar “Kaboom” Rivas. They will battle on Saturday, July 20 at the O2 Arena live on DAZN. The UK promoter would proceed to add further information.

“So, that would allow ultimately the [Wilder] Ortiz fight and the Fury fight and by that date, which is in May, the end of May, the winner will have to fight Dillian Whyte.”

The interviewer would ask the promoter if he was happy with this possibly being the outcome.

“At the end of the day, not really, but Dillian Whyte is going to fight again this year. So, what’s the worst-case scenario? Whyte will have to fight the winner of Wilder-Fury by the end of May 2020.”

Providing the WBC agrees to the stipulations, it actually isn’t a bad resolution. This is what you would call a happy-medium type of situation. Team Wilder can carry on with their plans for two major Pay-Per-View fights.

If the silver titlist is victorious in maintaining his ranking position, he would finally be guaranteed that elusive title fight. However, that’s in a perfect world and as it stands, there has yet to be any final confirmation from the WBC.

3kingsboxing will continue to monitor the situation for further development.

By: Garrisson Bland

Garrisson Bland - Head of Public Relations/Senior Journalist. Garrisson is the Head of Public relations for 3kingsboxing.com as well as a senior writer. He is also the host of YouTube boxing show "Truth And Facts Sports Talk."