Hearn Finds Spence’s DWI/DUI “Pretty Disgusting!”

Eddie Hearn Expresses His Thoughts on Errol Spence's DWI/DUI Charge

Eddie Hearn and Errol Spence Jr
Eddie Hearn (left) and Errol Spence Jr (right).

Eddie Hearn speaks on Errol Spence’s DWI/DUI charge!

On October 10, unified world welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr was involved in a potentially fatal automobile accident.

For a brief moment, the boxing world community held its collective breath waiting to get the official word on Spence’s condition. When the story broke, all we had to go on were still pictures of his horribly mangled Ferrari.

Closely behind those pictures, an even more grim video clip of the car tumbling down the street surfaced. Thankfully, on the same day of the actual accident, it was announced he would make a full recovery.

The wonderful news seemed to be about as close to a miracle as you get this side of a Hollywood movie. Although, while Spence may walk minus any serious physical repercussions, that may not be the case, legally speaking.

In the aftermath of the whole ordeal, Spence was charged with DUI (DWI in Texas). Apparently while being treated at the hospital, it was ascertained that his blood alcohol limit was above the legal limit of .08 in Texas.

At the moment, what legal ramifications for this charge will manifest remains a mystery. In an interview granted to IFL TV, Hearn pulled no punches when he supplied his curt opinion.

“You’ll probably get a different response from me on another day, but it’s pretty disgusting really.

“You know, you’ve seen how precious life is and talk about taking it for granted. I mean, when I saw the accident and I saw that he got out alive, I just couldn’t believe.

“It was a gift from God. But then you find out that he was intoxicated and it’s pretty disgusting. I think that anyone who drinks and drives is disgusting to be honest with you.”


Here in the US, drunk and otherwise chemically impaired drivers represent a huge problem. This particular class of operators cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage, countless injuries and thousands of fatalities every single year.

This is why the UK promoter was so offended by the revelation that Spence was intoxicated at the time of his accident.

Like most folks, Hearn was initially concerned for The Truth’s safety when he learned of the accident itself. Yet, when it was ultimately revealed that Spence would be okay and an unlawful amount of alcohol was involved, his feelings on the matter shifted quickly.

“You see how fast that car was going? If there was another car on the road, if there was any pedestrians they’d be dead.

“So again it’s not really, I’m not in the mood to start being righteous on Errol Spence drunk driving, but he’s gone from one of the most miraculous recoveries of all time to a lot of people being disgusted because you can’t think that you’re above the law!

“Your too big time and you want to be walking out of the club at 3 o’clock in the morning driving a Ferrari at whatever speed he was going. But I’m glad he’s alive and I hope he learns his lesson.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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