Eddie Hearn Talks Dates and Location for Ruiz-Joshua 2

Hearn Talks Ruiz v Joshua Rematch Dates and Locations

Anthony Joshua and Andyr Ruiiz face-off
Anthony Joshua and Andyr Ruiiz face-off.

Hearn talks Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua rematch dates and locations.

With each passing day, the highly anticipated rematch between Andy “The Destroyer” Ruiz and Anthony “AJ” Joshua inches toward completion.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports Boxing, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing provided a few more nuggets of info regarding the negotiation process.

Hearn revealed that fight night would take place on either November 16 or December 14. However, receiving the same straightforward answer about the location was not as easy to come by.

He was quick to say, when quizzed about potential fight sites, that they were pondering over five different would-be hosting countries. The two leading the pack were, of course, the US and the UK.

In what has become a quite regular occurrence, Eddie Hearn is seemingly at odds with his client’s wishes.

The newly crowned champion, Andy Ruiz was the first of the two fighters to say that he wouldn’t mind a state-side dust-up, but would prefer a showdown in Mexico. AJ has repeatedly expressed his wish to fight at Madison Square Garden, where he lost in the first place.

Only Eddie Hearn is aggressively pushing for the fight to happen in the UK.

“A sensible man would say, ‘do it in the UK’. Anthony feels that it would be special to write, or rewrite history and get the win at Madison Square Garden.

“So, it’s really not about the money so much, it’s just about where we believe this fight should take place. These decisions will be made in the next week.”

Oddly, Hearn says in the video that location is still being discussed, and yet it’s AJ who holds the final say. If that’s true, and Joshua wants to fight in the Garden, what’s still being haggled over? Seems to be another smoke and mirrors diversion that Hearn has become infamous for.

No matter what, or who, you believe about what’s transpiring in the behind-the-scenes talks, it sounds like a formal announcement will be coming very shortly.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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