Jamel Herring Retires Carl Frampton; Stevenson Or Unification Next?

Jamel Herring Retains The WBO Junior Lightweight Title

Jamel Herring with the WBO title; Oscar Valdez with the WBC title; Shakur Stevenson smiles; Gervonta Davis with the WBA title.
From left to bottom right: Jamel Herring, Oscar Valdez, Shakur Stevenson and Gervonta Davis

Jamel Herring dominates Carl Frampton to keep his WBO title!

Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring and Carl “The Jackal” Frampton is a fight that has been talked about for a couple of years. Two previously scheduled bouts were cancelled due to an injury and the contraction of the COVID-19 virus. Now in Dubai, the two square off for Herring’s WBO junior lightweight title.

The champion and marine had somewhat of a rocky last five years prior to becoming a champion. in July 2016, he was knocked out in the last round against former world title contender Denis Shafikov. A year later, he took a loss to then up and coming prospect Ladarius Miller, a loss he claims to want to avenge to this day. Given these two setbacks, it seemed a long shot to think Herring would get his hands on a major title.

Then in May 2019, he shocked then-WBO champ Masayuki Ito utilizing his height and reach advantages en route to a unanimous decision. The win instantly put the marine in a different spotlight.

Frampton is a name many boxing fans are aware of. The two-division champion at one point was considered one of the best fighters to come out of the UK by way of Ireland. After blasting through the UK circuit then defeating names like Nonito Donaire, Leo Santa Cruz and Kiko Martinez, The Jackal is ready to become the first Irish three-division champion. Alternatively, he did mention if he lost this fight, he would retire!


On paper, this fight looked to be 50/50. However, a different story was told in the ring. Frampton has gained a lot of mileage within his twelve year career. Most of this mileage came within the last four years and it showed in this fight.

From the opening bell, Herring utilized his massive height and reach advantages. He kept peppering the smaller fighter with the jab and checking Frampton with the left counter as he stepped in. The former champion has always been good at mitigating his size disadvantages with quick footwork to provide angles. Those angles would allow him to fire off shots his opponents couldn’t see from a comfortable distance.

However as previously mentioned, the former champion has accrued a lot of miles on his body. As a result, he could no longer physically produce the way his brain wanted him to. Herring on the other hand is still at his peak at 35 years-old. Therefore, the bout turned out to be a dominant one for the champion.


After being relegated to a one-dimensional fighter and failing to get inside to do anything significant, Frampton started to get desperate. In his desperation, he rightfully felt he needed to take risks. In doing so, he started jumping in, taking shots in order to give some. He had success doing this as Herring is not known as a big puncher. Furthermore, the game-plan saw the champion’s back on the ropes which gave the challenger opportunities to land some shots in close. Regardless, the champion would still get the better of the exchanges on the inside as well.

But one can only execute that game-plan for so long unless they have a granite chin, Frampton has been down a few times in his career and things would not change here. In round five, he runs face-first into a slick straight left counter that sat him on the canvas. He recovered and was able to survive the round. Fans wondered how he would fare going into the sixth. Would he make an adjustment? Was the knockdown just a lucky punch?

Well, in a close exchange, an uppercut put Frampton down for a second time! He would again beat the count but this time on wobbly legs. Herring rushed in with combinations. Frampton, still woozy from the knockdown, could not pinpoint where the punches were coming from and was getting knocked off balance again. Just before a third knockdown was in order, the corner of the former champion called for the bout to be stopped!


The champion picks up an excellent win for his third title defense. The criticism Herring received due to his controversial disqualification win over then #11 ranked contender Jonathan Oquendo in his last fight seems to now be erased.

Soon after the bout, Frampton stayed true to his word. The two-division champion did not add to the history books and announced his retirement. 3kingsboxing.com would like to wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

As for the champ, he has some excellent options ahead. Former WBO featherweight champ Shakur Stevenson lies in wait at the #1 contender spot. Although more fruitful are possible unifications with WBC champ Oscar Valdez or WBA champion Gervonta Davis. We will see what the champ has in store next!

By: EJ Williams

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