Jarrell Miller Planning Comeback With Trainer Kevin Cunningham

Jarrell Miller Plans Another Comeback!

Jarrell Miller screams with his tongue out; Kevin Cunningham waits for questions from the media.
Jarrell Miller (left) and Kevin Cunningham

Jarrell Miller is Looking to Stage Another Comeback With A New Team

Against all odds it appears the infamous heavyweight Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (23-0-1, 20 KO’s) is looking to stage a comeback! It’s now been three years since the verbose boxer from Brooklyn was last in the ring against Bogdan Dinu.


At that point in time, Miller was tabbed to be one of the next big things in the division. With his slick way of speaking, he was media friendly, undefeated, skilled and had an enviable gas tank that allowed him to throw a dizzying amount of punches. In fact, it seemed as if all the stars were lining up in his favor when he landed a title fight against then-unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

Unfortunately for him, well before he could make his ring walk the talented wordsmith was busted for a cocktail of illegal drugs. Naturally, Miller was removed from the fight card and shunned by the industry. Like all fighters caught doping, Big Baby was swift to plead his innocence. Many thought that he should be banned for life but he was not. Instead he worked himself back into another main event against Jerry Forrest. Sadly, for the second time, Miller was flagged with multiple substances in this bloodstream.

Having been caught operating so boldly outside of the rules twice, the boxing world thought that surely he was now a thing of the past. Not so fast!


Not willing to say “die”, Miller is apparently attempting to return to the sport that many would say he’s betrayed. Via social media its been revealed that he is being trained by “no-nonsense” chief second Kevin Cunningham. On one hand, if Miller is adamant on making a ring return then Cunningham is an excellent political choice. Throughout the industry the former police officer is known for running a tight ship and allowing no funny business in camp. Therefore, assuming his testing samples reveal no more chicanery, this partnership should go a significant way to granting the heavyweight an air of respectability. The post about the team up was actually leaked by Cunningham on his own social media.

On the other hand, no matter what Miller does there will always be a huge contingent of folks who believe that he should be banned. Yet, if Big Baby can make it to the ring without disqualifying himself it will be very revealing to see if he has the same tremendous wealth of stamina that he had before his drug scandals. If he is indeed incapable of competing without illegal enhancers then this should most certainly be his third and final strike.

Regrettably if that did take place, whether right or wrong, his dirty dealings would inherently leave a smudge on Cunningham’s image.

Jarrell Miller and Kevin Cunningham pose for the camera.
Jarrell Miller (right) and Kevin Cunningham.


Before we can get but so worked up about this revelation, Miller must first secure a prizefight. This might be a colossal task in and of itself. Top Rank top dog Bob Arum and Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn, for example, have both stated their unwillingness to work with the tainted fighter. It shouldn’t be that hard to imagine that many more promoters feel the same way.

At the same time though a near 60 year old Evander Holyfield was supplied a fight license and recently “fought” on a high profile card. Allowing Holyfield, legend or not, to fight was about as smart and safe as wearing a condom to a gun fight for protection. All said to say there is no depth to how low certain entities in boxing will go.

Therefore no one should be caught off guard if we hear Miller announced in a fight in the very near future. The ball is already rolling so let’s see where it lands!

By: Bakari Simpson

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