Jermell Charlo’s Act of Kindness Brings Him Into a More Positive Light!

Jermell Charlo Shows The Media There Is More to Him Than Playing The Villain

The Charlo Brothers and Patrick Day
The Charlo Brothers and Patrick Day.

Jermell Charlo’s decision about Patrick Day should change how the Charlo’s are viewed! 

Typically, when talking about boxing, the conversations are structured in such a way that describes the fighters as gladiators.

Viewing them from this lens, it’s easy to size boxers up according to height, weight, length, speed and punching power. It’s easy to give way to fancy and imagination, theorizing how this one would fare against that one.

As fans, our chief concerns revolve around wanting to see the most competitive and action packed bouts possible.


On the sidelines, in our safe and cozy spectator’s seats, it’s frightfully easy to lose sight of how potentially deadly this sport is. Fighters on the other hand are not afforded this luxury.

Each and every time they lace up, whether for practice or pay, it’s understood that they’re laying their lives on the line. Thankfully, for the most part, boxers make him home intact more often than not.

But not always…

This was not the case on October 12, when Patrick “All Day” Day (17-4-1, 6 KO’s) fought Charles “Bad News” Conwell (11-0, 8 KO’s). After nearly ten rounds of lively, competitive action Conwell scored what was seen as a clutch final round knockout.

Tragically, from the moment that he was rendered unconscious Day’s physical condition rapidly deteriorated. After suffering a seizure and undergoing emergency brain surgery, Day slipped into a coma from which he would never emerge.

Four days after the actual fight, Day was pronounced dead. In a particularly deadly year that has seen a number of fighters die due to in-ring injuries, Day’s passing has hit the boxing world especially hard. The Freeport, New York native had an infectious smile and furiously upbeat demeanor that is atypical in the sport.

As evidence of this, at the final presser for his bout with Conwell, the New Yorker repeatedly heaped respect, appreciation and accolades on Conwell and all the fighters on the card. Now, one fighter is stepping up in major way to show his respects to fallen fighter and his family.


Former WBC junior middleweight champion Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (32-1, 16 KO’s) has taken it upon himself to pay for Day’s funeral service.

This act of compassion is not often seen, or reported on, in the sport. Having lost such a wonderful individual, it was easy for Charlo behave in an empathetic manner rather than as a brute or blood lusting warrior.

In the past, both Jermell, and his brother Jermall, have been labeled as hot-headed malcontents. There is no shortage of footage depicting the two being curt and short tempered with the press.

At the same time, it’s also no secret that the Charlo’s have felt alienated by a press that they feel doesn’t give them their just due.

Here though, Jermell was not dealing with the press, or a competitor, but instead a brother in arms. Despite their portrayal in the main stream media, Jermell was happy to step up and alleviate a portion of the Day family’s financial burden.

Even now there are those who are accusing him of grandstanding. Rather than coming from a place of true camaraderie, there are many who are suggesting that this is all a media ploy.

It’s unfortunate that this seemingly genuine act of compassion is being reduced to a theoretical media stunt. If done for political reasons, the situation would be rather revolting.

Yet, this doesn’t seem to be the case. While the story has gone viral, that was never the intention of Jermell.

When the native Texan initially agreed to foot the bill it was done so discretely and privately. The matter only became public when a media member affiliated with Charlo chose to publish the story.

Given how much attention and concern was being given to Day, and his sudden demise, the act of humanity demonstrated by Charlo was thought to be a necessary story.

Thankfully, boxers are not the one-dimensional war mongering brutes that they’re frequently pigeon holed as being and this act by Jermell should show the media the Charlo brothers are more than the villains the media likes to portray them to be!

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