Jesse Hart Stops Mike Gavronski in Three

Jesse Hart continues to improve.

Jesse Hart, once again, has put on a solid performance against Mike Gavronski. Hart’s accuracy and footwork were very sharp. Mike Gavronski, who’s known as a pressure fighter, had no answers for the counter-punching and athleticism of Hart.

Jesse Hart was able to circle Gavronski and land hard right hands and hooks. He also scored a knockdown at the end of the 2nd round with a beautiful counter lefthook.

Gavronski was cut and hurt going into the third round. By this point, it was clear he had no answers. Ultimately, he was stopped in less than a minute by a brutal lefthook, righthand combo. Gavronski struggled to his feet but was waved off.

Jesse Hart is looking to avenge his loss to the undefeated Zurdo Ramirez, but also indicated he’d be open to facing the other champions at super middleweight.

By: Corey Cunningham

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