Tomoki Kameda Continues Family History of Bad Blood with JBC

The history of the Kameda family and the JBC

TJ Doheny recently won the IBF super bantamweight title in Tokyo after defeating Ryosuke Isawa by controversial decision.

With all that excitement, many could have easily missed what ensued following Doheny’s victory.

After the bout, former WBO bantamweight titlist Tomoki Kameda stepped into the ring and issued a challenge to Doheny for a fight.

While that act alone may seem to be par for the course, here’s the rub.

3KingsBoxing has learned that the Japanese Boxing Commission (JBC) has requested that Kameda explain his actions.

In particular, if he was granted permission to enter the ring from Teiken Promotions or G+ (the television broadcaster).

If so, no punishment will follow. However, if this was not the case, consequences will ensue.

This is not the first time the JBC has had issues with the Kameda family. Additionally, their issues go back a number of years; imvolving their father Shiro Kameda.

The Kameda fighting brothers (Tomoki and former world champions Koki and Daiki) are far from popular in Japan. Many would describe them as arrogant, brash, and never shy about living up to their bad boy image.

During Daiki’s title bout against Daisuke Naito in October 2007, he bit his opponent. The action was so “out of bounds” that he and his father were reprimanded.

Daiki was suspended for on year.

Shiro, who told his son in between rounds to get rough and dirty, ultimately received a lifetime band from the JBC.

The Kameda’s were so controversial that following the controversy, a then 15-year old Tomoki left Japan to live and train in Mexico.

This is another instance, another saga in the drama that is the Kameda family and the JBC.

By: Michael Wilson Jr

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