Kudos To The People Behind Super Fly

What a card!!

It was an exciting night of boxing on HBO Boxing Superfly 2 which feature some good talent in the Flyweight and Super Flyweight division. The Forum in Inglewood, Ca got a nice treat as the fighters put on quite a show.

The opening fight of the night was Donnie Nietes showing his methodical style where he puts smart pressure on his opponent while hitting them with some very good precise punches. As Nietes walked through Juan Carlos Reveco providing a very impressive knockout. One can only wonder if Nietes land a big fight against maybe Roman Gonzalez or a high quality opponent. Nietes is so calm and collective with his approach, hopefully he can get the push that he needs.

In the co-main event it was McWilliams Arroyo pulling the upset by outboxing Carlos Cuadras in what was an intriguing fight. Arroyo was able to save his career last night in what was a phenomenal performance. Arroyo looked like a fighter that was determined and out thinking Cuadras in there. It was exciting to see a guy fight like he knew everything was on the line for him.

In the main event it was Srisaket Sor Rungvisai retaining his WBC Super Flyweight title by defeating a very game Juan Francisco Estrada. It was a good performance by both guys and a fight that was fought at an elite level. Rungvisai was able to show that he is more than just a come straight forward fighter. He proved his victory over Gonzalez was not a fluke or just beating a guy perfect for his style.

The little guys were showcased this past weekend and it was good to see and they’re so many more names. I hope HBO keeps this going and we get to see fighters like Ken Shiro, Daigo Higa, Kosei Tanaka and many more. Folks need to pay attention to these guys who are all more than willing to face each other. Last night was good exciting and the biggest purse was $250,000 there was no politics of the sport involved. It was just guys that came to fight and the lower divisions is filled with guys like that. I give kudos to HBO and Tom Loeffler for giving these guys the spotlight, I hope they just keep it going!!

By: Wilson Urena 

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