Lawrence Okolie Makes Nikodem Jezewski Dance En Route To A KO Win!

Lawrence Okolie Gets The KO

Lawrence Okolie poses for the camrea
Lawrence Okolie

Lawrence Okolie runs over Nikodem Jezewski!

Lawrence Okolie is arguably the best active fighter in putting a fan to sleep! He is a very tall cruiserweight at 6’5″ with a massive reach and uses his advantages well. The problem is, he has no ability to fight at mid-range nor on the inside. Therefore if he is not allowed to sit on the outside behind a jab, his offense is very limited.

The best example of this is Okolie’s September 2018 bout against Matty Askin. This may have gone down as the worst fight to watch that year and the top ranked WBO cruiserweight hasn’t impressed much since!

When news broke he would be fighting two-time WBO cruiserweight champion Krzysztof Glowacki for the vacant WBO title, many felt it would be a dangerous but interesting fight due to Glowacki’s style. Then when Glowacki tested positive for COVID-19, the intrigue was instantly lost as fans thought Okolie would be in another lack-luster match-up.

The fill-in opponent would be undefeated but unranked Nikodem Jezewski form Poland. Fans were sure this would be another boring fight that goes the distance. We were wrong!


From the opening bell, Okolie attacked his over-matched fill-in. Almost instantly, Jezewski went down from a shot to the body. He recovered only to get hit with an over-hand right to the temple which made him look like he was auditioning for an episode of “Dancing with the Stars!” The dancing happened the entire round until another big shot put him down for a second time.

At this point, fans believed the fight would be stopped. To our surprise, the Polish fighter beat the count and the referee allowed the fight to continue. Jezewski kept dancing until the round ended as the previous temple shot still had an effect. To be honest, he may have only landed one or two shots the entire round on accident as a defense-mechanism from getting overwhelemed.

As the second round came, more of the same came from Okolie. Jezewski went down for a third time from another over-hand right. He beat the count again but this time, the referee waived the fight off and for good reason!


In the post-fight interviw, Okolie was asked what he would do to Glowacki when that fight gets re-scheduled.

“You will see the same thing. I will break him down and I will be looking for the knockout!”

Powerful words from a fighter who has never seen the likes of a Glowacki-type opponent as a pro. This will be very interesting when it happens!

By: EJ Williams

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