Ryan Martin Talks Josh Taylor Loss and 2020 Return

Ryan Martin On Boxing: I Lost The Joy

Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin On Boxing: I Lost The Joy

Previously unbeaten junior welterweight contender Ryan “Blue Chip” Martin (22-1, 12KOs) opened up about his mindset post his first career defeat in November of 2018 against Josh Taylor (16-0, 12KOs), the decision to change trainers and training locations, as well as his plans for his 2020 ring campaign.

Talking to fighthype.com, Martin revealed his struggles outside of the ring that may have effected him inside it against Taylor.

On not fighting in 2019:

“It was actually good for me. I got to reorganize myself and the people around me, I switched trainers I switched locations. I’m here in Las Vegas now with team Barry and I’m very excited to be with these great people.

2019 was a year for me to regroup. To me, personally to get everything in order in my life, then I could get everything in order in boxing. It’s been great. I had fun, I enjoyed myself, I’m ready to get it going in 2020.”

On what weight class he’ll be fighting in:

“Actually, right now I’m thinking about going back down to 135, then shooting back up to 140. You know, talk it over with my coach, but that’s something I’d like to do. I feel I could still make 135 and be dominant at 135, then you know, go back up to 140.”

On the addition of Kevin Barry and what he’ll bring to his game:

“When I first trained with Kevin, what really stuck out to me about him was his intensity, his hands-on work. You know, he slapped me a couple of times. As a fighter you kinda like that training. Coming from Big Bear, he implements the same training but more hands-on, more skill-wise.

More movement, more ring generalship, just being more aggressive, more aware, having a clear mind, that’s something I talked to him about; going into the fights happy and a 100 percent focused. You know just having fun with the sport, you know the last few years of my fighting career I haven’t been happy. It’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes. Kevin brings that spirit he wants me to focus on the sport but be happy at the same time.”

On lost of joy for the sport:

“Yeah I actually wasn’t having fun. You know as a kid growing up in the sport it was all fun. When I turned professional, I lost the joy of it. You know I’m looking forward to getting it back in 2020.”

On Josh Taylor loss and not watching the fight:

“Actually I haven’t evened watched the fight. It wasn’t even 2 percent me in that fight. Physically I was ready but mentally I wasn’t there. Just thinking about it, it was tough. You know Josh is one of the best at 140 right now, and congratulations to him. But I’ll be back there soon.”

With a year to get his personal and professional life in order, Martin sounds motivated and happy to strap his boots and gloves back on and get to work.

It’ll be interesting to see how he looks under the tutelage of new trainer Kevin Barry once he returns to the squared circle. There’s no shortage of big fight opportunities for him at either 135 or 140.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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