Mayer: “My Goal Was To Prove That Women’s Boxing Is Here To Stay”

Mayer Sees Herself as a Modern-day Pioneer for Women's Boxing

Mikaela Mayer and Seniesa Estrada posing with their championship belts
Mikaela Mayer (L, Credit: Lawrence Lustig), Seniesa Estrada (Credit: Maria Noble)

Mikaela Mayer Hopes to Prove the Value of Women’s Boxing

Unified women’s junior lightweight champion Mikaela Mayer (17-0, 5 KOs) is just days away from the biggest bout of her career. On October 15, she puts her IBF and WBO titles on the line against reigning WBC champion Alycia Baumgardner (12-0, 7 KOs) in a 130-pound unification showdown at the O2 Arena in London, England.


Mayer, promoted by Top Rank, understands her place from a historical perspective. The 32-year-old sees herself as a trailblazer. She’s worked hard not only for herself but others as well. In July 2022, her promotional powerhouse inked a multi-fight deal with WBO minimumweight women’s champion and lower-weight sensation Seniesa Estrada. During an interview with Yahoo Sports, Mayer cited her experience with Top Rank as an example of her evolution and the growth of women’s boxing.

“When Top Rank first signed me, I definitely had it in my mind that I would still have to sort of prove to them that I was a worthy sign. Because they weren’t in the market for women’s boxing, and I was sort of like a risk, right?

I was just kind of a guinea pig. And so my goal was to prove to them that not only was I worthy, but women’s boxing is here to stay. I wanted them for years to sign another female. It took a little bit longer than I had hoped and I had expected, but I’m glad they finally did. I think Seniesa is a great sign.

[…] But it just shows you that the market in America is just tough. It’s just really, really tough. I’m not a promoter, so I can’t go into detail about that, but I hope that I’ve sort of done my job to an extent. I feel like maybe I’ve done my job and proven to them, in some way, that there is a market here for women’s boxing.”


She hopes to continue what she’s done in her upcoming showdown with Baumgardner. The WBC champ is arguably the hardest puncher in the division and has been adamant that she will dog-walk Mayer and knock her out. However, Mayer believes this is her time. She feels levels-above Baumgardner and will show her superiority on fight night and move on to even greater glory.

Whether it’s her fight to prove her value and worth to Top Rank or the battles inside the ring to prove she’s an elite fighter, Mayer is not fighting solely for personal achievements. She wants to carry the torch for females fighting now and the next generation.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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