Welterweight Vito Mielnicki Jr Stops Nicholas DeLomba In The 10th!

Vito Mielnicki Jr topples Nicholas DeLomba with ease

Welterweight Vito Mielnicki Jr. flexes at a fight weigh-in
Vito Mielnicki Jr. | Credit: Bradley Collyer/PA Images

Vito Mielnicki Jr topples Nicholas DeLomba with ease

During his latest professional at bat, welterweight fighter Vito “White Magic” Mielnicki Jr (10-1, 7 KO’s) continued his upwards ascension in the division. The crafty New Jersey prospect pulled this off by stopping Nicholas “Nice Nick” DeLomba (16-4, 5 KO’s) in the tenth round of their main event showdown.

Heading into the bout, Mielnicki, 19, was deemed the overwhelming favorite due to his sterling amateur pedigree. Before turning pro, Mielnicki won Silver Gloves Nationals (2015-2016), junior National Golden Gloves (2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015) and ended with a record of 147-22. Minus his one setback at the hands of James Martin, back on April 17, Mielnicki has been the goods so far as a professional. It is certainly a bitter pill for DeLomba to swallow. It will be interesting to see how he follows this loss up.


The match began with Mielnicki pumping a near non-stop jab into DeLomba’s person. The shot mainly targeted the head but White Magic often dipped down and struck his torso. Along with the lead punch, Mielnicki was calibrating his left hook while maintaining a favorable punching distance. For his part, DeLomba loitered in the danger zone behind an ineffective high-guard and ate shots.

Toward the top of the third, Mielnicki clipped DeLomba with a counter right hook that stunned him. Sensing his man was hurt, White Magic pounced on Nice Nick once his back had been pressed to the ropes. For the next thirty seconds or so, Mielnicki unloaded a barrage of shots that included everything but a Ken and Ryu fireball. Despite the length and variety of the prolonged assault, DeLomba survived with no further mishap. Nice Nick did fight much more aggressively in the fourth, and he even had success, but did not likely carry the round.


For the next several rounds, the bout fell into a repetitive loop that saw DeLomba walking after Mielnicki whilst absorbing punishment. Occasionally, Nice Nick landed quality shots, most notably an overhand right, but it was White Magic who persisted with better work. Yet, as the rounds wore on, Mielnicki began holding more and more when on the inside. During the final two rounds, Nice Nick upped the pressure that he was applying.

The pace was getting to Mielnicki but this is not to say that his form devolved because it did not. On the other hand, White Magic was a bit more mobile and threw far more single shots rather than the longer combinations. Nevertheless, White Magic hurt DeLomba with a short right hook in the tenth and final round. While Nice Nick did not leave his feet, or take any more immediate damage, DeLomba’s own corner threw in the towel. It appeared to be a bit premature, but perhaps the corner recognized something in their fighter that outside eyes could not. In any case, it made for a great win and learning experience for Vito Mielnicki Jr.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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