Jarrell Miller Labels Eddie Hearn A “Fraud”

Jarrell Miller Responds To Eddie Hearn!

Jarrell Miller and Eddie Hearn
Jarrell Miller and Eddie Hearn (right).

Jarrell Miller Claps Back At Eddie Hearn! 

After sitting out all of 2019, Brooklyn’s own Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (23-0-1, 20 KO’s) is all set to make his highly publicized ring return. And 2019 is the year that the nimble-footed heavyweight would rather forget! In the blink of an eye, Miller went from making a career-high payday against UK superstar Anthony “AJ” Joshua to being drenched in shame and controversy.


Before Miller could ever slip through the ropes, he was flagged by VADA for having banned substances in his system. And just as he has the knack for over-the-top trash-talk, Big Baby produced some over the top violations. When VADA was through with their testing, Miller was found to have three separate banned chemicals, GW1516, HGH and EPO, in this body.

When the news broke, it was a common belief that the book would be thrown at him. Drug testing has become a regular part of boxing, and in this spirit it was thought that some sort of example should be made.

Yet, in the end, Jarrell Miller only had to contend with a limp-wristed six-month ban issued by the WBA. Now, with the controversy largely put behind him, Miller has landed an enviable contract with Top Rank


When word of Miller’s violation became public knowledge, one of his biggest critics was his former promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing Promotions. Hearn is also the promoter of Anthony Joshua, who Miller was poised to fight at the time of the infraction.

Upon learning of the allegations, and then later the near nonexistent repercussion, Hearn was disappointed to say the least. In the UK wordsmith’s opinion, drug cheats should be saddled with a meaningful and substantial suspension and fine. Without such protocol, Hearn believes that the drug cheats will never stop.

Due to subscribing to this line of thinking, Hearn had no problem voicing his disgust with Miller’s actions publically. When Big Baby let it be known he wanted to come back to Matchroom, Hearn held firm on his stance and denied him re-entry. Since Miller’s aligning with Top Rank, Hearn has fielded questions asking his stance on Miller’s new deal, at which point he aired his grievances anew.


Obviously, Big Baby has not taken kindly to this continued finger pointing. Tired of being Eddie Hearn’s whipping boy, Jarrell Miller took to his InstaGram account to shoot his shots at Hearn.

Jarrell Miller via Twitter
Jarrell Miller via Twitter

After posting a pic his former promoter with the word ‘fraud’ stamped on it, Miller let it be declared that he’d ‘done the time for his crime’ and wanted to move on free of this endless scrutiny.

After thanking DAZN for the opportunities afforded to him, Miller assured that his future performances would show that he is the same fighter with or without the juice. Time will tell!

By: Bakari Simpson

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