Lawrence Okolie Gets the Knockout as Promised

Lawrence Okolie Stops Wadi Camacho

Lawrence Okolie
Lawrence Okolie

Lawrence Okolie stops Wadi Camacho in four.

Top prospect and the man many state is the cruiserweight version of Deontay Wilder, Lawrence Okolie would earn a knockout victory over journeyman Wadi Camacho in Olympic Park.

While the victory is one a fighter hopes to achieve, the performance wasn’t very impressive. For starters at this point in Okolie’s career, many are looking to see him step-up his competition. Camacho is a virtually unknown and unranked fighter.

Secondly, he looked a bit sloppy in trying to fulfill his promise. In the first couple of rounds, you can see his anxiety get the better of him as he threw wild punches in hopes of landing a bomb.

The display of non-technical ability had him eyeing his water bottle after just one round in which his trainer Barry Robinson said, “Fuck the water! Don’t look at the water!”

In the start of the third round, his wildness would see him get caught and staggered! A shot down the pipe from Camacho saw Okolie’s legs shake while he held on to regain his composure. He would go on to hurt Camacho shortly after as he started to calm down and use more technique.

He kept this in mind as he came out in the fourth round and finished his opponent. A straight right hand started a three-punch combination that dropped Camacho. As he mad the count, another shot sent the Spanish born fighter against the ropes which caused the referee to wave the fight off.

A bit of a premature stoppage, however, a stoppage all the same that would have eventually come.

In the post fight interview, promoter Eddie Hearn stated Okolie has the skills to beat former three-time cruiserweight champion Denis Lebedev. However, he did state his fighter is still not ready; a sentiment that we here a share!

By: EJ Williams

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