Plant Cruises Past Medina

Plant wins wide UD

In the opening bout of the PBC on FOX card Caleb Plant improved to 17-0 with 10KO with a unanimous decision victory over Rogelio Medina. The fight was said to be a step up in competition and Plant was able to outclass his opponent. The judges scorecards were 120-108, 119-109 & 117-111.

Plant came out in round one trying to establish his jab and get comfortable. Round two was more Plant utilizing his movement while maintaining distance. In round three Plant began picking his shots while still using his movement well.

In the fourth round Plant was able to frustrate Medina with his movement as he continued to pick Medina apart when he come into range. Round five was more of the same as Plant was able to seemingly hit Medina at will.

Plant came out in round six throwing his jab effectively but it was arguably Medina’s best round at this point as he was able to land a couple of decent body punches. In round seven Plant went back to moving and countering with accurate shots.

While Medina continued to come forward in the eighth, he kept catching jabs with the his face. Round nine and ten was simply an extension of what most of the fight has been with Plant simply boxing circles around his opponent.

Entering the eleventh round it was hard to get a sense the tide was gonna change any time soon. Medina did land his arguably his best punch of the fight in the eleventh although it appeared Plant still done enough to win the round. In the twelfth and final round Medina came out with a sense of urgency although Plant was able to offset the aggression with his jab and movement like he had throughout the fight.

By: Chris Henderson 

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