Prospect Watch: London’s Lawrence Okolie

Lawrence Okolie
Lawrence Okolie

A big Cruiserweight with a Big Right Hand!

Standing tall at 6’5″ with a record of 9-0 with 7KO’s is the former 2016 Olympian Lawrence Okolie from London. The 25-year old is tearing through the cruiserweight division, making him one of the more popular British prospects in the sport.

At age 17, he took up boxing but not in hopes of making a career out of it. At nearly 266 pounds (19 stone), he utilized boxing to lose weight. The transformation in lifestyle ended up getting him named a 2x English University National Champion and an Olympian.

Promoted by Eddie Hearn and managed by Anthony Joshua, Okolie ironically gets compared to Deontay Wilder. However, when one assesses how he utilizes his jab to set up his right hand, he is more comparable to a young Frank Bruno.

Frank Bruno Similarities & Differences

Bruno would love to set his opponents up with the jab then come over the top with an over-hand right. He would also bait his opponents at times with his jab, leaving his arm extended a bit before shooting the right hand. Okolie does both of these techniques in a similar fashion.

Even the way moves; bouncing on his toes and moving forward and back before jumping is similar to Bruno.

The lack of body work from Bruno and the lack of an authoritative uppercut from Okolie is what would keep this from being a direct comparison.

Deontay Wilder Similarities & Differences

Much of the comparison to Wilder comes from his ability to put opponents to sleep before they hit the canvas. Although Bruno did the same using the same signature punch, Okolie relies more heavily on the straight right hand.

One major difference from Wilder is he is dedicated to going to the body. If an opponent gets within range of his jab, he does not hesitate to release deadly hooks to the body before tying up. Some of his opponents were unable to survive the body attack to end up in a clinch.

With his range, ability to set up shots with the jab and the devastating right hand that lands with pin-point accuracy, it will be difficult to ignore what Okolie can bring to the table at cruiserweight.

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By: EJ “2K” Williams

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