Athletic Commission Reaches Verdict on Kubrat Pulev Kissing Incident

Kubrat Pulev Receives the Verdict From the CSAC

Kubrat Pulev Kissing Jenny Ravalo
Kubrat Pulev and Jenny Ravalo.

The verdict is in on Kubrat Pulev!

After a great deal of controversy and media attention, we have a verdict on heavyweight boxer Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev (27-1, 14 KO’s). The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) ruled Tuesday that he could be reinstated to fight as early as July 22.

However, the stipulation is he completes a sexual harassment course and pays a $2,500 fine. At the moment, “The Cobra” is serving an indefinite suspension.

All of Pulev’s professional and legal woes began on March 23, when the 38 year-old Bulgarian supplied an interview to a reporter by the name of Jenny Ravalo. At the conclusion of the brief Q&A, Pulev abruptly, and unexpectedly, grabbed Ravalo by the face and kissed her.

Days after, she retained power attorney Gloria Allred shortly following the incident, declaring her intent to take legal action. The situation appeared rather bleak for Pulev at that point. Ravalo appeared to have a rock sold case. That was until Team Pulev released their own rather damning video footage of the reporter.

Drawing Doubt

In the video, Ravalo was essentially giving a lap dance to a member of Team Pulev. What made the footage so damaging to her case was the fact that it was recorded after the kissing incident.

This means that after she felt assaulted, Ravalo accepted an invitation to the function, began drinking and behaving in a very friendly, if not overly sexual manner. Not only was the Bulgarian fighter present, he can be seen seated close by when Ravalo straddled one of his team members. The video footage cast a large shadow of doubt on her true intentions.

If Pulev complies with all his directives, his total suspension will only amount to four months. The incriminating footage is likely the main reason for this seemingly light ruling.  Regardless of the verdict, if the fighter commits a similar act in the future he’d be eligible for a lifetime ban.

Let’s just hope “The Cobra” operates with more tact and can keeps his hands, and lips, to himself!

By: Bakari Simpson

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